For progress vote BJP candidates: Shri Ram Sena
Rajiv | 19 Dec 2014

Exhorting the need of a corruption free and progressive government in J&K state for over all development of all the three regions of the state, Shri Ram Sena Jammu and Kashmir state president Rajiv Mahajan said that it is necessary to throw out present corrupt dispensation and form an honest and progressive government in the state.

Mahajan said that J&K state has elevated to no.1 among the corrupt states in India during the dispensation of present and previous state governments and it is the need of the hour to dismiss the corrupt government and elect an honest government under the direct supervision and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mahajan appealed all voters of Jammu and Kashmir to vote in favour of BJP candidates so that an era of corruption free government can be installed in the state and a direct liaison is maintained between State and Centre in acquiring central funds and their proper utilization.

Mahajan further said if we want development in Jammu and Kashmir, we must go with the party that has the government at Centre which would provide a better coordination between State and Centre and would ensure development of the State in a positive direction.

Mahajan once again appealed the voters to vote in favour of BJP candidates for bright future of State and its inhabitants.