Forecast for India in world cup 2011
Neetu Banga | 11 Feb 2011

The game will be different as the side is playing most of its games in front of vivacious home crowds, it could benefits from the mystical '12th Man' factor in the stand , if not in the field.

GOING BY records of men-in-blue, India goes into this mind blowing event as most preferred winner beside South Africa, Sri-Lanka and England. It will not surprise if Australia to join in the wagon of hot contender in last four.

Well, going back to team India, this side possesses excellence of experience players and there is no shortage of high spirits. The game will be different as the side is playing most of its games in front of vivacious home crowds, it could benefits from the mystical ‘12th Man’ factor in the stand , if not in the field.
Drawn in Group B along with South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands, India has a immense possibility and ability of winning the group and thus ensuring a enter in quarter final draw , probably New Zealand. The match against Pakistan would take everyone in war-zone but it will interest to play in the front of awesome spectacle.
Indian fans have lot of expectation from the team India so pressure is there to stay. If India fails to perform early on in the event the enthusiast Indian mass could turn on the side, resulting in the magnification of any cracks that appear. If we see Indian side, god grace it should not be happen, but pressure and expectation can make the game different.

Team is skilfully led by Captain MS Dhoni with magnificence of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Zahir Khan and Yuvraj. The team includes striker Yusaf Pathan and almost bunch of players possesses magic inside in their bat and bowl. They can take games out of reach of the opposition and make conflict the unwinnable in winnable format in last ball.

Winning the group is another marathon target and if India wins in it, definitely going to face Sri Lanka, which will not easy mission in Colombo, where Indian team was fighting for survival in last session. No team will be ready to bat in heavy flood lights, so toss will play crucial role all the time. Recent defeat in South Africa, it showed that team might face tough in group matches. But playing in India and South Africa was different ball games where all pitch developed in bouncy conduct. The prospect of a final in Mumbai will doubtless drive the side on. For us, this will be the winning team.

Key Player – Sachin Tendulkar - The Little Master blaster sees the World Cup as being the trophy that would put the icing on the cake of his fine career. For home crowd he is demi- god and everything is in hand. His very presence inspires those around him and he is a methodology figure in Indian cricket. If he fires, so will the Indian team.

Strength – Of course, home crowds will support their demi- gods madly. Batmen and bowlers are our strength. They can do different in seconds.  The explosive batting and canny bowlers can change the team prospects. The side has good openers, a strong middle order and tight bowling, fielding, wicket keeping.

Weakness – One of worry is that team India has a talent of losing of its way at crucial times. If the pressure mounts in front of expectant fans, some of the younger elements will need the experienced heads to see them through. If players like MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar can be removed cheaply, India could be pulled apart in few overs of the game and any team can beat men in blue easily.