Former West Bengal CM Jyoti Basu Passed Away
Anand Krishnan | 18 Jan 2010

Former West Bengal CM  Jyoti Basu Passed Away


Today morning at 11:47am the Veteran Communist Leader & former chief minister of West Bengal at last fighted for his life till last but the doctor could not save him due to the multiple-organ failur of the basu yesterday he was very serious condition .


But all the help from hospital of AMRI could not save his life he was 96  born in 1914 – 2010 and due to health problem he dropped the post in year 2000.


The CPM State Secretary Biman Bose has broke the new of passing Jyoti Basu.

He was struggling for the last seventeen days when his organs were failed to function and at last yesterday the multiple – organs too failed .


Every one has are approaching the Salt Lake Hospital to see the glimps of basu.


Prime minister Dr.Manmohan singh told Basu as the “Great sons of India” and many political leaders of all side gives their great remarks to late Jyoti Basu.


At last Jyoti ( Eye ) Basu has donated his eyes and organs which are useful and the last journey will be on Tuesday said the CPM leaders .


BJP leaders too condolences the late CPM leader Jyoti Basu . Jyoti Basu father was a US – trained doctor and basu educated in elite institution and presidency college . above all when he was in bed rest in last days he was active on national politics , Railway minister Mamta Barerjee had condolence to jyoti basu saying not any comments on politics issue today . Jyoti Basu  started career with the Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1946 .

When the Indo – US nuclear deal he wanted the left to oppose the deal and wait for the right opportunity .


Prakash Karat led the brigade and host of comrades by naming Biman Bose , Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Anil Biswas as a party stand .


At last fighting with the life today at last he was kept under Artificial Pace – Maker too but last he lost his life a great man with long life of 96 years and a long duration of Chief Minister post of 23 years today Jyoti Basu is no more but his eye will see the next genaration a lal Salam to jyoti basu . Many political leaders of India and world has condolences to jyoti basu , President of India and UPA president Sonia Gandhi , Finance Minister P.Chidambram , Pranab Mukherjee , and all big and small leaders and the people of India too condolences for Late Jyoti Basu .