Freedom of press
faisal rafiq magray | 21 Mar 2011

Constitutional  guaranties and universal declarations are important in every democracy  but they define the freedom of press in largely abstract terms. The real concrete meaning of  press is derived form the daily exercise  by those Journalists who push at the boundaries of what can be published. However article 19(1) (A) of the constitution does guarantee freedom of expression for every citizen which includes

1 Right to lay what sentiments he pleases before the public.

2 Right to receive information and ideas from others through and law full medium.

                Journalists – Reporters , Photographers , Editors, Publishers exercise freedom of Press when they report what is truly new and important to the public interest, when they broaden the range of debate when they expend the horizons of what can be reported, imagined, reviled, criticized. Journalists also exercised freedom of Press when they hole their own news organizations to the ideals of journalistic calling, especially when that news organization may have to pay a political or economic price for its reportage.

                Freedom of Press would be meaningless as a human rights if Journalist never exposed Scandal if they never reviled information government official preferred not to divulge, if they never quoted critics of powerful people and powerful institutions, if they never draw attention to hypocrisy, greed, arrogance –if in other words they never gave any one cause to restrict press freedoms. The right to freedom of press is exerted not only in exceptional, headline grabbing cases e.g Somalia affairs, Shawinigate, pentagon papers, water gate scandal. Journalist are giving meaning to freedom of press every time they reveal more from their sources are willing to share with public, every time they undermine the propaganda disseminated by corporate and political communication officers,  every time they introduce factual evidence to accompany decision makers opinion to exercise freedom of press then is to give it a tough meaning – discomforting news sources antagonizing public officials, prompting court challenges even irritating fellow journalists. No doubt may be in the west assume that owners of Aljazeera sattlite T.V wear secret allies of Usma bin Ladin and Alqaeda. Much in the same way one might say that U.S T.V networks wear dancing to the tone of American Government when they agreed to block the transmission of Al-Qaida made vedio tapes in response to the demand of U.S national security advisor Condoleezza rice. Aljazeera senior producer puts the matter this way “ It would be wild to clam that we are friends of Alqaeda, but at the end of the day we do not answer such people as Condoleezza rice. The performance of truth seeking function is the foundation for freedom of press, facilitating the circulation of information and ideas for the benefit of all and extending the basic democratic right of freedom of expression granted to all individuals into the realm of mass media.