prasanta chingangbam | 31 Oct 2010

importance of friendship, how they shape our life and complete us, the happiness they gave us, the strength to go on when the world turns against you.

                                       “Who am I?” 

Till now, I had never thought about who I really am. I didn’t even know where I was heading, or where my life was taking me. My dreams were only dreams, and my hopes too were just hopes.

                     I never thought that, one’s presence in our life could changes our life so much. What life is all about, I’ve known about it only a few days ago. It’s really hard to recalled what I was living about till now, was I mad then, or I’ve gone mad now, I really don’t have any answer. It seems like my inner self have been reborn in the last few days.

               It’s only been a few days since we’ve met, but it seems like as I’ve known you for a lifetime before. It feels like, I’ve been living all this years with my eyes closed. Now that you’ve come into my life, you’ve changed my world upside down. Through your eyes, you make me see how beautiful our life really is, all the things that lies beyond one’s mind and vision, you help me see them all. I came to know about all the happiness, all the joy that we could achieve by just sharing our life together. You make me see all the little things of our life which I never thought even exist.

                    It’ll not be wrong to say so, that your presence in my life had definitely made my life livelier. I’m really happy, and I’m glad that I’ve known you, I really appreciated and thanked the one who had created my life and yours too. “MAY WE NEVER PARTED”, that’s my latest prayer,, cool nah…!!!

         With you my dreams are secured, my hopes are my goals, which I can achieve. With you by my side I can reach the stars above, I can fly along with the wind, I can do anything. But without you, I’ll be empty and lonely all over again, my dreams will be shattered, hopes will vanished, destiny unknown, I’ll be nothing without you. Every now and then I prayed to God, with my eyes closed, hoping against hope that, forever we may remain the way we are today until our life passes through.

                     “Thanks for completing my life”


                                                                                                                  Prasanta chingangbam.