Friendship's Day
Mimiroyc | 03 Aug 2014

I am dedicating this day to my Parents who have been my best of friends in all ups and downs of my life, my husband who has accepted me the way I am and all my friends who have walked with me during all the bends of my life. Thank you, Friends!

A Friend is someone who can understand what we have gone through in the Past, walks with us in our Today and accepts us, irrespective of the way we are.  A friend also gives you courage for your future dreams, and shows you the defined way to fulfill the dream...it is a bond that is not detachable even beyond death. It is an infinite relation that is above all cast, creed, color, community and culture, not contributed by blood relation. Friends help us in solace, in solitary, when happy and when melancholic. A friend cries with you, laughs with you and shares your sorrow.  This special day must dedicate for our Friends. When we are miffed in life or love, and nearly ended our life with the wound, our Friends stand by us; give us strength to survive and flourish in the most unlikely conditions and show us the light, the hues & the hope because "Friends who stand by in need are the True Friends, Indeed". Let us revere this Day for our Friends…Happy Friendship's Day!