From school to college canteen
ISHA SHARMA | 28 Feb 2011

College life is a big turning point in the life of all the teens as with admission in college comes a sense of responsibility and maturity and this transition is certainly not an easy one.

 A truly notable day in the lives of all the freshers of the kalindi college..the day began to unfold with millions of mixed feelings in my mind and  I could sense a sudden adrenaline rush through my body as a question that was continuously lingering in my mind since early morning was that how would my first day at the college would be like?
Will I be able to make friends..will I be able to gel with girls I’ll be meeting...as I knew that I lack the quality of making friends and for me it takes time.But soon as I entered the college gate clad up in my new outfit..which I had purchased especially for my first day as I truly believe that “First impression does matter”.I entered the college and saw that the college campus soon turned out to be a hub of young girls sharing their school life..their excitement..their experiences.and how they battled with their family to opt the course as per their wish.as convincing parents is the toughest task! The girls gossiping with one another.
And I was pretty sure that the most evident question in every one's mind at that point of time was that "How will my 3 years of college life will be"?..Then I interacted with few of my new batch mates..whom I had met earlier and exchanged decent smiles.. and had a formal interaction during the interview we had for the journalism entrance.
Then automatically a comfort zone was developed as we sat together and discussed.And while discussing we found that the transaction from school to college is stressful psychologically and also we need to mentally prepare ourselves to be self-independent. As now we have left our schools and had began our college life and soon we are burdened with sense of responsibilities and we are expected to develop a high maturity level.But it is not at all easy for us..as we need some time to realise that our days of fun and ease are over and now that we were entering our college life..we needed to develop a seriousness.And now after almost completing a semester,I could easily feel myself changing.
Now I have developed a sense of maturity and self-independence which I can proudly boast about.Someone rightly said.."" Dreams only become Reality, when you take Initiative to go after them."...and now I can say that COLLEGE LIFE ROCKS!!