funeral of a soul
Mehak Sapra | 10 Aug 2008


Funeral to a soul
Mehak Sapra

When someone's love, is no longer pure,
You know that his soul, is dead for sure
When greed replaces the twinkle in his eyes ,
The heart and soul of this man have died
When that smiling face remains scorned,
The soul in his body has been torn.
When that firm faith ,ceases to fear God,
Yu know that his soul has gone to the dogs .
When that conscience ,forgets good and evil,
The soul that guided it, has been sold to the devil
When someone's words become hypocrisy,
You know that his soul ,has died for eternity.
When chauvinistic ego, dances on his head,
Then you know,that his soul is dead,
It's tragic,isin't it
That a soul must die,
Vanish from a body , make others cry,
Leave pain , agony and rebukes a many,
Avarice , infidelity , feeling uncanny.
That a body should  be the devil's advocate,
And opposite its love , its friendly , its mate,
To tread on the road of filth and dirt,
To play with the lives , to betray, to hurt.

On such a funeral , i call you all,
To look at this body with a pall,
That once housed a heart , a body , a head,
But now the poor soul is dead,all that remains is flesh and bones,
That have been doomed to live alone.