Funny statement by Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

Immediately after China's backing off from Doklam after an imbroglio that lasted for over two months, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat gave a public statement saying that India hence forth must prepare itself for a two frontal war on its northern and western borders, highlighting the nexus between China & Pakistan.

This is a very correct statement after an in-depth analysis which must have taken place at the highest echelons of the army. With Pakistan continuing with its proxy war against India that it started in 1988 now under Chinese clout, and China's threats during the Doklam standoff, in which China with its bragging, gave out its line of thinking for India, there is no other option left for India but to arm itself militarily to deal with this two front threat.

Currently we are totally under-prepared to deal with this threat. We must post haste augment our Air Force to its sanctioned strength of 45 squadrons from present holding of 33 squadrons, just two more from Pakistan. Same goes for Navy where we have just 13 rickety submarines with just 5-6 functional at any time to Pakistan's 8 and Chinas 65 submarines. In army we must go all out to equip and field our Mountain Strike Corps still being raised.

Currently Indian Defence Budget is just 1.5 % of its GDP that is lowest in last 70 years and at par with 1962 debacle budget. Compare this with China who spends more than 10% of its GDP on Defence and Pakistan spending more than 20%.LO AND BEHOLD Within seven days of his statement that India must prepare for two front war, the same Army Chief of ours has within a week now in Dehradun given a public statement that India has no threat from Pakistan or China? What is happening? Why this about turn? What Brahamastra India has developed that China and Pakistan are all cowering?

Reason is not far to seek. Apparently after China took umbrage to his two front theories our Army Chiefs political masters have told him to change the statement. But Why? India is a democracy and not dictatorship, people of India have a right to know what are threats to country and how well are we prepared to counter them. Truth is that In Cong led UPA Government of ten years and Modi Government of last three years; they have done nothing to upgrade and reform the military and synergy between the three services. 23 Military reforms including the post of CDS sanctioned 14 years back still are not implemented at all or implemented half heartedly. Will we be able to fight a two front war with this mess?

In USA the oldest democracy in the world, they have currently three Generals including National Security Advisor as cabinet ministers. In India in last seventy years we had our National Security Advisor a Policeman or bureaucrat? Real funny.

What advice on national security will these people give to our Netas who themselves have no knowledge of security, strategy or matters military. It is time that Indian public and India's intellectuals take more interest in security and defence of nation before it is too late. First step the new defence Minster Ms N Sitaraman should take is to implement Subramanium Committee reforms in Higher Management of Defence immediately. Otherwise we are staring at doom.