Future of India !
Manikanth P | 25 Mar 2007

Who is responsible for our present situation and what can we do to make a better future

We are fed up with news flooding about corruption, scams, political rampages and so on .......
We always speak against the government and politicians, but how far are the people responsible for all this? I am not supporting the politicians or officers, but before finding faults with others, we need to look into our souls.
It is not the responsibility of the government itself to rectify the faults and wrong practices in the society. The Government can make Acts and pass resolutions, but we should follow them. We should have the knowledge, awareness and responsibility to follow.
For eg, there is "Dowry Prohibition Act" from 1961 which was formed 46 years earlier, but how many marriages are going on without dowry. How many people will the government or police arrest? If they start arresting, more than half of the population will be in prison.
We speak of corruption and scams made by ministers. Very true! but isn't it true that 99 per cent of us encourage corruption, directly or indirectly ? When we go to a govt. office, if the employee demands some money to do the work faster, we pay without a second thought because our work is important for us.
If a small child cries for not going to school, the parents give him some chocolate or pocket money and persuade him to go. Are we not training the corruption at every stage? If we want somebody to do our difficult work, we give commissions or gifts. Everyone is like that. The companies which want tenders give commissions to ministers and concerned employees to get their work done. It’s the same thing. We are encouraging it at a low level, whereas they are doing the same thing at a higher level.
So, let’s stop blaming others. Let us first examine ourselves. How responsible we are towards our family, our work, our society and our country. If everyone is sincere in their duties, the country would prosper within no time. This is the simple secret of the countries like America, Japan, Singapore etc.
Our country has great heritage and culture compared to all the other developed countries, but WE ARE THE CULPRITS! We are responsible for the problems of our country, directly or indirectly. If you beg to differ! Well, then, examine yourself, you are your best judge!
Do not take or give bribes.
Do your duties sincerely and work hard if required, without any expectation of material gains.
Be responsible about your family members.
Educate boys and girls equally.
Try to do something for the improvement of your society and thereby country.
If you are already doing all this, I SALUTE YOU PATRIOT!
If you are not, stop complaining and start acting!