Gauri Lankesh's murder: Time to understand the behaviour of society
Haider | 10 Sep 2017

Death remains death, doesn't matter how it approaches us, although, its impact on family and society varies with the way we die. Death may approach us in different forms and ways like in the form of natural ways of dying means senescence, by accidents, due to illness, suicide attempt due to mental disorder, by genocide due to differences of opinion/ideology, war inflicted due to varied reasons and murder to silence the voice of opposition.

Apart from natural death that is caused by cessation of biological functioning due to ageing process of body rest types of death leave a lasting impact on family and society. Quran announces the death in the words "Kullo Nafsin Zaiaqatul Maut" means every soul has to taste death (Surah 3 Verse 185).

We as human beings had been asked to respect the death and dead both and if people start enjoying and celebrating the death of others merely due to differences of opinion of the departed soul with that of ours that means there is something wrong in our society. No sane person can celebrate the death of someone who doesn't harm the person in anyway.

Though celebration on the death of crooked people is known phenomenon in all religions but it happens only when the person is really crooked and did all sorts of wrongs in his life like Ravan or Yazid. Having differences of opinion doesn't mean to silence the voice of dissension by pumping the iron into body of opponent. Logic needs to be fought with logic rather with bullet.

Gauri Lankesh, the editor of Lankesh Patrike had been murdered by unknown assailants and people started accusing the right wing politicians and groups especially RSS for her gruesome murder whereas BJP people started accusing Maoist for the same. We don't know her murderers as police failed miserably to get any lead till now. Failure of police department is nothing new as in our country police department works under the guidance of political bosses who themselves are involved in criminal acts. The way people supporting current central government led by Mr. Modi celebrated the death of journalist is highly condemnable. Social media has been painted with joyous captions and posts on the timelines of these mentally sick people. People of the country started opposing such extremely derogatory remarks against the departed soul. One such person is Nikhil dadhich whose tweet was highly offensive in nature and PM of country is following this chap.

People started trending #BlockNarendraModi which forced BJP to come out of their lethargic nest to denounce the murder and oppose the character assassination of slain journalist. Shri Ravi Prasad had been trolled by right wing army on social media after his tweet of displeasure over the celebration of murder and character assassination.  Though Amit Malviya the head of IT cell of BJP tried to save the face of party by saying Modi following someone is not character certificate of the person.

Dear Amit Malviya ji,

We all know that following someone doesn't mean we are giving him/her character certificate though when prime minister of the country is following people who are incessantly involved in abuses and threats it forces people to believe that Prime minister supports their views. He should start unfollowing people who are serial offenders that will help to curb this menace. These people are thinking none can do anything when prime minister of the country is in their contact. You need to visit the timeline of Mr. Ravi Prasad to see how these troll are problems for everybody. Don't allow these people to cultivate hatred for others whatever they are doing right now against their opponents need to be stopped. This is beautiful country is full of love and warmth for everyone and we must try to maintain its beauty at all cost. Fanaticism is such a bad disease which can not be cured so better to stop it from spreading. Hatred for others is first step of fanaticism.

You are right about troll army of other parties who are involved in character assassination and using filthy language. We need to understand that such filthy behaviour is not good whether done by us or others. We must oppose all groups involved in such acts. We can't be selective in denouncing hatred and violence.