Gavaskar celebrates Sixitieth birth day at Pttaparthi

The Indian Cricket legend Gavaskar celebrated his Shastipurti (60th birth day) at the feet of Sri Satya Baba in Puttaparthi. he is a strong diciple of Him for many years.

The little master of Indian cricket Mr. Sunil Manohar Gavaskar has celebrated his sixtieth birth day in the midist of his family members at a holy place Puttaparthi before the Godly man Sri Satya Baba where he has his Ashram. Gavaskar is the disciple of Satya Baba for many years and he reached the place with his family including his Brother-in-law Gundappa Viswanath who is his contemporary in cricket.

On Friday the Gavaskar had a special darshan of Sri Satya Baba and spent some time with Him. The Gavaskar is very faithful to the God and devotee of Sri Satya Baba for a long time. He used to come to seek blessings of Baba to Puttaparthi. He said in Puttaparthi that he was very king enough and thankful to the God as he was given a good family and life with a lot of fans in the entire Cricket world.

It is true that ‘Gavaskar’… this name has been very popular among Cricket world after another legendary batsman like Don Broadman. When the Cricket world was reeling under pace bowling, no Indian Cricketer was dared to face a ball from world fastest bowlers like Andy Roberts, Holding and Marshal. In the eighties the West Indies team terrorized the total Cricket world with its speed bowling, even Australian and England players also feared to face them. Particularly the team under the captaincies of Clive Lloyd and Richards made an impact on world cricket.

At that critical time the Indian Cricket name and fame has risen because of Gavaskar. When the world felt that the series between India and West Indies were only the real Ashes series. Gavaskar is really a guide to Indian Cricket and present day cricketers.

After retirement from the Cricket the Gavaskar has never been idle. He has shown his strength as commentator. Real to say prior to Gavaskar no Indian has recognized as such a world class commentator as well as story writer. His innings are unforgettable still if anybody has viewed at that time.