GBA celebrated Makar Sankranti as Save Ganga Day in Patna

These slogans were echoing in the environment of the banks of the river Ganga in the foggy morning on the eve of the Makar Sankranti festival on January 14, 2014.This festival was celebrated as ‘Save Ganga Day’ by the members of the Ganga Bachao Andolan (GBA) at the bank of the holy river Ganga in Patna.

Despite foggy winter morning about 15 active members of GBA,Patna organised environmental mass awareness programme by a boat from the Darbhanga House Kali Mandir Ghat to the Gay Ghat,Patna City in the morning.There was a big banner in Hindi with a slogan to save Ganga from polythene pollution on the boat.

This one day mass awareness programme was organised to save the holy river Ganga from Patna under the guidance of Gangaputra Shyam Kumar Chandravanshi from a boat.Mr Shyam was requesting from the sailing boat to the devotees of Mother Ganga with folded hands to not pollute the river water in Patna.He was also holding a microphone to spread the environmental conservation messages.

“Holy river Mother Ganga is rapidly vanishing from the historical capital city Patna. We should not make this holy river as a dumping ground of garbage,corpses and carcasses.This river is flowing away from the banks at the many Ganga ghats in Patna.Save vanishing Ganga from the polythene and garbage pollution in Patna.” said Gangaputra Shyam Kumar Chandravanshi to this citizen journalist at the Darbhanga House Kali Mandir Ghat in Patna.

“My life is dedicated to save the river Mother Ganga.Despite financial crisis,debt and last year’s paralytic attack, I will continue my mission. In near future I would start a fast unto death protest programme on boat in at Patna to save the dyeing river Ganga from garbage pollution.” he further said about his future plan.

Since 1998 Ganga activist Shyam Kumar Chandravansi cleans six Ganga ghats in Patna every morning two hours with Hindu and Muslim friends .They picks up floating polythene bags and other religious waste from the river banks.

Pinku Raj,Raju Chandravanshi,Bhola Yadav,Raju Yadav,Sanjay Kumar,Ajeet Kumar Singh,Shashank Shekhar,Ganesh Kuamar,Pintu,Ajay Kumar and other college students actively participated in this programme.

Amazingly, Mr Shyam is under the medical treatment of paralaysis for the last three months. He had not recieved any fainacial aid or encouragrment from the government of Bihar, yet.He is a resident of B.M.Das road,Patna.He is a street book seller near Patna College,Ashok Rajpath in Patna.He sells each educational books at the rate of rupees 30 and saves money to save Mother Ganga from the monster of garbage pollution.