Genetically modified seeds
Satbir Singh Bedi | 20 Dec 2013

Some argue that genetic modification holds great promise for increased agricultural efficiency. There may be many such benefits in the future, but often the gains are hyped by corporate PR (with such lines that GM seeds 'feed the world' by being far more productive than normal seeds- in fact there's little evidence of that), and GM technologies often put profit over people and planet.

Governments should adjudicate the public risks and benefits, but Monsanto is skilled in undermining democratic governance.They even passed a law in the US that says that a judge cannot order a recall of Monsanto products, even on grounds of public safety!

Our planet is being rapidly transformed by genetically modified, industrial agriculture, and our governments are far too heavily influenced by the American mega-corporation at the center of it all- a corporation that is gradually coming to control the world's food supply. Let's not force our children and grandchildren to deal with a world fed by Monsanto, when we can stop it now.

Monsanto's extending its power over the globe, with a massive new frankenseed factory in Argentina.

Monsanto manufactures the genetically modified seeds that, when combined with toxic pesticides, create the devastating 'monocultures' -- where nothing grows but a single plant-- that increasingly cover our planet. Now they plan to build one of the world's largest GM seed factories in Córdoba.

President Kirchner of Argentina is facing a wave of unpopularity right now, and she cannot afford to be seen to be choosing Monsanto's profits over her own people.

The mega-plant will use toxic chemicals to engineer seeds, which sounds weird because seeds are supposed to come from plants right? Not in Monsanto's scary new world, where plants are genetically designed to be sterile, and the only way farmers can keep planting food is by buying seeds every year from Monsanto!In the US, up to 90% of some types of crops are planted with Monsanto seeds, and with its new mega-plant in Argentina, the infamous company is extending its power over the globe.

Sofía Gatica and local mothers have spoken out, but she has received death threats and a brutal beating. The threat to her is urgent -- let's stand with her and stop the plant.