girl's situation in Delhi
Reetika Mandovra | 01 Mar 2011

Girl’s situation in DELHI

India which can be the  biggest example of women empowerment  because the examples like the presidents, chief minister of capital, head of the ruling party and many more posts are filled with women in India but it is disheartening to hear that the same country is getting  famous or in other words getting limelight for increasing  violence against women.

The capital city has become infamous for being one of the world’s most unsafe cities for women. One of every four rapes in India is committed in Delhi, a government data says. According to data revealed by the national crime record bureau (NCRB), 489 rape cases were reported in 2010 against 459 in 2009 in Delhi. 1379 out of total 3544 cases of abduction in India took place in the capital. Delhi police data says that woman raped every 18 hours or molested every 14 hours in the capital. A staggering 56 percent accused in rape cases were below the age of 25. (Data taken from Delhi rape capital?- Daily Bhaskar.in)

The scenario comes at this stage that today if you pick a news paper you will be able to see at least 3 to 4 rape news. Some days ago news papers were full with the rape news with Manipuri girls in Delhi. in Delhi it is becoming a myth that the Manipuri girl are weak and they can not fight for themselves  that ‘s why they were considered as soft target for the crime called rape.

But its not that the Delhi police is doing nothing in fact police commissioner B.k gupta announced that all police control room (PCR) vans had been ordered o help stranded women at night and aid women in distress could call 100 and get dropped to the nearest safe spot.PCR vans with women police officers had also been deployed around women’s colleges and schools, he said at the Delhi police annual press conference. Gupta said the Maurice Nager police station- near Delhi University- will be renamed North Campus police station. The Dhaula Kuan police station will be similarly renamed south campus police station.”There would be a women’s help desk at all police stations, managed by women officers.  At present, there are three women deputy commissioners in the three districts and four women SHO’S in police stations. We will increase this number soon”. Said gupta.

“A 24x7 specialized mobile team will deal with domestic violence. (a total of) 5,206 women have been trained in the 41 camps in Delhi in 2010”.police teams will also conduct surprise checks in buses, markets, universities and areas prone to eve teasing, especiallyin the mornings and evenings .added gupta.

All this shows that the Delhi police are trying there level best to overcome the situation. And they are also trying to give a save and protected environment to the girls or women so that the India can became a biggest example of women empowerment and I am sure that one day we will surly achieve that.