Give Back Our Childhood !

The President of India has already given the required assent to Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016.

For which, "APNE AAP" Women  Organization Worldwide along with with more than 1,000 activists urged the President to review the Bill again by recalling this particular bill for considering again for the sake of our future generation.Our Hon'ble President also knows the fact that PUNISHMENT DOES NOT OPEN THE DOOR OF EDUCATION & KNOWELDGE" . Than, why so?

The  bill legalises 90% of India's Child Labour by legalizing child labour in "family and family-based enterprises" and the "audio-visual entertainment". Despite our tireless efforts and creating an online petition that gained nearly 1500 followers- last week the bill was passed.
Tragically, it has shortened the list of hazardous occupations for children. Now children can be employed in mixing dangerous chemicals, working as sharecroppers in fields, on construction sites, brick kilns, circuses, orchestra parties etc.
The Act has no provision to protect children in need. On the contrary, it does not define number of work hours of children. This will result in poor-low caste children being pushed to work long hours and increase school dropout. The government has even shut down 42,000 schools.
Sadly in fact, poor low-caste parents are to be fined Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 for not sending their children to school, after/before these working hours. Since these parents are already debt slaves of contractors, landlords and employers, they will be punished for something they have no control over.
Compounded with the government cut of 50% of its budget for women and children and 28% for education, leading to the closure of mid-day meals and boarding schools for poor low caste children- this will put have a devastating impact on India's children for generations.

The Govt. Of India should think and act on the following points that needed again to be amended...................
1. Deletion of Section 3 in clause 5 that allows child labour in family, or "family enterprises" or "as an artist in an audio-visual entertainment industry". Since most of India's child labour is caste-based working with poor families in generation after generation debt bondage, this is 90 % of India's child labour.
2. Restoration of all hazardous occupations that have been shortened in Section 22 to just mining, explosives and the occupations listed under the Factory Act. A sample list of work no longer hazardous for children is: mixing dangerous chemicals, recycling garbage, velding and electric units, slaughter houses, brick kilns, orchestras, selling at trafficking signals, domestic work and backbreaking agriculture.
3. Remove the words "omit" from Section 4. Government authorities under the new law can now "omit" even mining and explosives and other dangerous work listed under the Factory Act without going to Parliament.
4. Delete sec. 18 to ensure that parents are not put punished. Since most of the parents are pressured by contractors to maximize production they end up employing their own children.
5. Add a clause to earmark funds (beyond those taken from employers of child labour) for restoration of mid-day meals for children, re-opening of the 42,000 schools for poor children that were closed down, and the re-instating of budgets for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan ( Education for All) initiative. Tragically, in the last two years there have been budget cuts in education (28 %) and for women and children (50 %).
Facts: There are 1,01,28,663 child labourers in the country aged between 5 to 14 years as per 2011 census. 80 per cent of them are Dalits and the other 20 % are from backwards castes. This Act will lock children in caste based occupations for generations. It is in contradiction of India's Constitutional amendment on the Right to Education as well as the Juvenile Justice Act, which promises protection to children in need. It also contravenes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to which India is a signatory.

All most all the voluntary organization including united nations human right and child labour cell also not in support of Shree Narender Modi's present status of child labour bill.When individuals like KAILASH SATYATHI honoured with the world's most prestigious award ,THE NOBEL,Govt. Of India seems nothing to do for the sake of our real future of our India.