GJF launches an unique Identity card (JID) for the Jewelers in India
Pragati tiwari | 05 Aug 2011

To set new standards in safety of gems & jewellery transit in the country GJF has announced the launch of a JID (Jewellers ID) card to facilitate movement of gold, jewellery and precious stones from centre to centre.

JEWELLERY HAS always been a part of Indian culture, both for its aesthetic beauty and its investment value. India has over 3,00,000 jewellers and the industry employs more than one crore people. Organizations like All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation constantly endeavor to improve the standards of jewellery sector and the lives of those linked to it.                                                                       

GJF has announced the launch of a JID (Jewellers ID) card to facilitate movement of gold, jewellery and precious stones from centre to centre.  With a view to avoiding hardships during  movement of gems and jewellery, simultaneously keeping in mind the concern of the authorities, GJF has introduced a Jewellers Identity Card (JID). The identity card is tamper proof and has biometric information of the card holder independently verified at all levels which shall also help in providing comfort to the authorities that the carrier is a genuine person from the trade and all his whereabouts / details are readily available.

According to Mr Sanjay Kothari Vice Chairman, GJEPC,”This project was long overdue initiative by GJF & we welcome this whole heartedly and highest compliments and full support to GJF for this project by GJEPC.”

Bachhraj Bamalwa, Chairman, GJF, said, ”A jeweller's safety and  security is an extremely sensitive yet important matter, and it was a long time need  of the Industry to have  such kind of identity card. Introduction of such program is surely a true and honest service to the mass jewellery fraternity. The GJF will work  with various government agencies  for the successful implementation of this project. I firmly believe that this program will pave the way for the smooth transition of valuable goods across India.”

All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation is a national trade federation for the promotion and growth of trade in gems and jewellery across India. It is a federation that has come together, for managing various aspects of fair trade practices and efficient organization of business in the gems and jewellery industry. The strength of GJF today is that it represents 3 lacs jewellers across India and reaches out in 22 states and 264 cities. Its head office is in Mumbai with 4 regional offices and a plan to have regional offices in each state of India.  

The Federation constantly organizes interactive trade meeting and seminars focused on the developments of the industry.