Global warming: A grave threat
GAYATRI ARORA | 25 Feb 2011

Global warming the biggest threat to earth and environment.Environment is the greatest life of god to man.But now this beautiful gift of god,is in danger,due to Global warming.

ONCE UPON a time, nature was at its exuberant best. Turquoise blue sky, eyeful of green, sparkling water and bewitching wilderness. But now a land with vanishing beauty shrinking of open space by grey concreted buildings, sooty air, drying and dirty water and endangered wilderness.

This has caused environmental degradation. Earth was one of the most beautiful planets in the entire Universe but things have changed. In recent years,human activities have posed a great threat to the Earth's fragile resources,damaging everything from the atmosphere to animal life. Car exhausts and industrial plants are choking the air and turning the rain acidic.
Gases from supersonic jets and refrigerators are punching a hole in one world's protective 'blanket' -the ozone layer farming chemicals like pesticides poison rivers. Unique species of plants and animals are vanishing forever. Forests are being felled,vast areas of the countryside are being buried under concrete and beautiful marine environments are gradually being destroyed. Scientists believe that these are the causes of GLOBAL WARMING which can have many devastating effects. Global warming is the result of global climate changes.

Did you know that an empty chips packet which you throw away on the road will take hundreds of years to decay and decompose? How would you react to the news that a cow died because of toxic water which she drank from a river?

Now let's talk about wildlife. Man,on the top of the food chain not only hunts animals for their meat and skin but also for inhumane experiments. Whenever we see pictures of a passenger pigeon or a dodo,it sends a shiver down the spine. We are all aware that it was man who destroyed these beautiful creations of God only to satisfy his endless greed.

Now with the world climate changing alongside man's growing 'needs',there probably will be the last tiger,elephant or even a last tree. Could this fate also be of man?Yes! we are just a few years away from our own end. The life of every single being lies in our own hands. All we need to do is cut down on some unnecessary 'wants'.The choice is yours.