God has not only created but taken over and is running the whole world
Satbir Singh Bedi | 05 Oct 2015

God has not only created but taken over and is running the whole world? This is clear from the following examples from my life:

I wanted to become an author and a journalist while my father wanted me to become an engineer but God had other designs for me. I could never become an author or a journalist nor could I score enough mark in my B.Sc. exam to enable me to go for engineering.

So, I read an advertisement in a paper and went for Asstt. Grade Exam. On the first day of exam, I did poorly in Maths and wanted to quit the exam, then an idea came to me- why not go for the 2nd day of exam.

So, I appeared in the 2 day exam and forgot about it. Then my uncle through his recommendation got me the job of a clerk in the bank, which I never liked. However, after a few months, I received a communication from UPSC that I had been recommended by them for appointment as an Assistant. Then I was 23 years old.

On entering 24th year, I became fed up with the world and took a large overdose of medicines but God saved me while doctors wondered at my survival. When I was 52 years of age, again I tried to commit suicide by taking a huge amount of sleeping pills but God saved me again. And now I am 70 years of age.

I may also tell you that I was very aggressive and often annoyed my officers but still I got three promotions to retire as Dy. Secy.

From the above, it should be very clear that God runs the World. You may not agree with me but it is God who puts ideas into our minds.