God in the heart
Vinod Anand | 14 Jan 2012

There was a girl who always remembered God to the extent that she god mad in that process. One day she went to a preacher and asked him: 'you always speak about God, but do you know he is?' He answered: 'If I do not see Him, then how did I spent my whole life in praying and imagining him; I see him all over in all species, human or non-human, and even in nature; if some one learns to love someone without any selfish interest, he or she will surely see God, the creator of this world'.

IT IS said that in order to walk in life to the ultimate destination near to God, it is not through your legs, but through your heart. Just sit and imagine the God is before you and you will reach the ultimate destination of life. If God is in your heart, then there is no need to take a long walk and reach Him. There is another question in this context: "when you pray, no matter what your religion is, what do you ask God to give you?"

The best answer to this question is: "just pray for pure, pious and healthy life, because in the journey of life, there is nothing else: people who demand materialistic things, they fall into the ditch of unhappiness and sadness; a knowledge person is that who devote most of his time in reaching the heights of spiritualism".

In fact, one should be like wax, needle, and hair. Always melt like wax and give light to others, be like a needle which helps you to sew clothes etc, and help others who need your help; be flexible and sentimental; once you have these three virtues you will reach near God, and enjoy your long-journey of life.