Good Nayer, Bad Nayer & SNDP
akrami | 27 Mar 2008

It was the smart General Secretary of the SNDP Yogam talking, again, that the modern day hero of the Changanacherry based outfit NSS, Sukumaran, is not a 'good Nayar'. That the present NSS top bosses have only 'mud' in their heads. Immediately the so called General Secretary of the NSS Narayana Panikker came out saying that 'good Nayars' can only be known by 'good Ezhavas'. About Sukumaran, reportedly the SNDP Yogam General Secretary has enough information which if revealed can make every Nayar hang his or her head in shame. That is the pedigree and past of this new Nayar chief. Who reportedly born to a Municipal sweeper in the town, later joining as a peon at the NSS Staff Cooperative Society climbed up the ladder using every possible trickery and back-stabbing. It is a story no decent man can talk in public. He is now like an octopus grip on the organisation, a curse on the community. It is true that no self respecting Nayar will go to any 'Kara-yogams', dilapidated buildings across Kerala where they do 'karayal', but the leader label is freely used by the duo. Indeed it is a cruel tragedy for the Nayar community, a legendary warrior people. About the SNDP statement these are words that some Nayar should have said, but it seems there are no Nayars who can take on the evil man. For as the story goes after the protest of Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai tapered off Sukumaran spread rumours that it was due to his doing an 'Urumpu Homam', black magic, that he suddenly died. Who ever protests against him shall follow suit. How the pious, caste Brahmin enslaved Nayars became stone silent. Majority becoming indifferent and waiting for fate to take care of them. The same mind set is visible in their not honouring a great saint Chattambi Swamikal, when they crowd at every temple, astrologer and godman. Why deny the truth. It is a history that needs correction, the brave Nayars of the past getting enslaved by the caste Brahmins first and then the Christians. The ancient Kalari culture lost to 'sudrahood' and sterile secularism.

It is now a transition time in Kerala, after six decades of independence from the Christian British it is a people trying to stand on their legs. The Sankara model of casteist Hinduism is also getting challenged. The Ezhava community and its leadership have acquired the necessary insight and were demanding jusitice to the Hindus in general. For with their international sources of money and political vote banks the so called minorities had become menacing, more so the Christian segment. How there are thriving Christian and Muslim economies in Kerala and a weak and miserable Hindu economy coexisting. The resources are limited and one segment capturing it means the others starving. It is an alarming situation and the Hindu populations are getting thrown out from their homes, made refugees, committing suicides. But the NSS leaders, who aim at the chair and the puny incomes from selling jobs, are talking differently. They say they are the friends of the Syrian Christians in Kottayam, shall beat down the other Hindus. No wonder after years of Nayar - Christian friendship majority of the old feudal Nayars of the NSS belt, landed farmers and landlords, now maid servants and labourers in Christian households. Most of the Nayar lands, also all Hindu, and business are sold out to Christians. Obviously worse is to come if the NSS has its way. When the SNDP General Secretary is able to organize the people, demand what is their due, the unfit NSS leadership is envious of the new Ezhava might. How they are trying to play smart but are looking foolish in public eyes. The NSS could do better but the people in charge are rotten selfish. Consolidating the community strength can work wonders, but that needs quality leadership. How only envy remains, as a newly powerful population the Ezhavas shall flaunt their muscles is natural. Together with the Nayars it would have meant many things for Kerala, but then NSS is a tool of the Christians. They have vehemently opposed any talk of Hindu consolidation, insulted the Hindu leaders umpteen times.

That the NSS bosses in Changanacherry are perennially indebted to the powerful Christian lobby there and see no hope except bowing down is understandeable. Why they fear the SNDP in its new avatar, about hurting the Christian lobby on whom the NSS and its core leadership are dependent. And as everyone knows it has a history, from the beginning how the clever Christian news paper Malayala Manorama became the staple diet of the Nayars. Majority still read that and that alone and are a brainwashed people, on their own willing compliance. That good Nayar owned newspapers like Malayala Rajyam, owned by Nayars, was killed by the NSS and Malayala Manorama together and now the big community has no newspaper of its own is a telling tale. So is the story of Vimochana Samaram. As can be expected the NSS will continue to toe the Christian line. The demand from the SNDP, that the recruitments to the educational institutions be given over to PSC without the minority differentation is being opposed by the NSS. That the Nayars shall get reasonable number of jobs from the deal is forgotten, for the lions share of educational institutions are under the Christian and Muslim communities. With the Hindu segment united the decision shall go through. These groups in Kerala are no minorities, what should have been pressed. But the NSS bosses know that their share from selling jobs shall be lost, their tool to use people lost too. Why they oppose it. Not that the SNDP is all about divine motive, they have their self interest is true. But that need not clash always, as in some few odd jobs and reservations when the whole Hindu clan is cornered or thrown out. Where the old 'sum-varanam' fixation and fight has to go.

About the 'good Nayar' 'bad Nayar' differetiation an SNDP leader was heard asking this question, is it based on parentage. Traditionally some Nayars had this value system that one born from Nampoothiri parentage shall be better. Rudiments of royalty in India courting saints, degraded by caste Brahmin inroads. How many flaunt that their grand father is a caste Brahmin. What has ceased to operate but by a strange coincidence most of the NSS bosses are seen to be of this Sambantham parentage, from Mannam to Kidangoor to Panikker. About the present hero Sukumaran this writer do not know for sure. Obviously the self respecting Nayars have always remained far from the NSS despite their claiming to be the only representatives of the community. That NSS built up a series of, even if abysmally low standard, western educational institutions is true. But they have through time damaged the self-confidence of the community, eroded the sense of history and orientation of the Nayar community. Incidentally NSS is the only organization which tells in the bylaw that they shall work for other communities, obviously the cowardice in Mannam showing up. If Mannam, born from a poor Nayar mother and a Nampoothiri, had his inferiority complex and even removed his Nayar surname, the present NSS leadership has just replaced the Brahmin slavery with a new Christian slavery. That is the crux of the matter. It is damaging to the Hindu community in general and the state itself as the injustice may soon cause social turmoil. As the Nayars continue to lead at the grass roots, despite NSS are a respected lot, the NSS positions damages every Hindu of Kerala, by default Kerala state itself. The rotten leadership at the top has to go, the units given freedom to act if the network is to have any meaning. The NSS institutions should have local leadership and Nair culture in them, if the changes are not forthcoming, as can be expected, time the NSS is thrown in to the Arabian sea by the Nayar community. For enough damage is done.