Government lets loot of Green gold in Bhaderwah valley

Green Trees, including pines and cedars, are among the hundreds of the trees that have been felled by the timber mafia in Neeru range of forest division Bhaderwah in convenience with the corrupt forest officials .

Deodar and pine trees are slowly disappearing from forest range Neeru in Bhaderwah valley. The forest department here is plagued with favoritism, mismanagement and nepotism people alleged.

Located at a height of 6,500 feet, the Bhaderwah region of Doda is a picturesque valley, with thick coniferous forests. But on all sides, illegal deforestation by the timber mafia is depleting forest cover.

Even as the issue of climate change has alarmed countries across the world and serious efforts are on to increase green cover everywhere, local authorities in Jammu and Kashmir's Doda district are ignoring the widespread felling of green trees.

Green Trees, including pines and cedars, are among the hundreds of the trees that have been felled by the timber mafia in Neeru range of forest division Bhaderwah in convenience with the corrupt forest officials .

Following regular complaints from the villagers of Dugga block,  the  lens team visited compartment 17 of Neeru  range of forest division Bhaderwah and it was found that the green Cedar and Pine trees were badly damaged. The local people of these areas alleged that the forest guard namely Rafiq Ahmed have done massive damaged in the area. They further alleged that after news published in news paper of compartment 18 earlier, the forest officials have set many green stamps and remaining s of green trees on fire in order to avoid being exposed.


Bhadarwah forests are nobody’s baby as subsequent governments did not pay any attention to its conservation. There is enough evidence of forest officials and timber smugglers of being hand in glove and together presiding over the loot.


It seems the administration has willfully chosen to turn a Nelson’s eye towards the forest mafia and their illegal activities. Once, the whole Bhadarwah region was surrounded with lush green deodar trees. However, today a concrete jungle has replaced the green gold and the forest mafia is prospering with full patronage of forest officials.


Despite regular expose of illegal deforestation by the media, for saving the green trees from cutting by the mafia  but the concerned department officers on which Government invests crores of rupees every year, plays the role of a mute spectator and turn deaf ears. If the forests protectors continued such practice, than who will save these forests on which mankind is dependent for survival?


Relevant to mention here that the Neeru Forest Range has become very sensitive range of Bhaderwah Forest Division as media team have stood up against the deforestation for the last one year continue and corrupt forest officials and forest Mafia which include many with criminal background have started threatening and  challenging the team if they can stop the cutting of Green Gold in the area.