Government now openly promoting dowry by reducing the punishment for giving dowry
Arnab Ganguly | 06 Jan 2011

Indian government Anti-Men policies are now out in the open when the government is taking steps to promote dowry by reducing the punishment for giving dowry.

Dowry system has always evoked a lot of response in India but mostly in wrong directions. The very word dowry sparks sympathy for the bride and hatred for the bridegroom. Thanks to the countless efforts of fund chasing gender obsessed radical feminists and power hungry alpha males who have jointly spread so much of male hatred that today, the society has become completely numb to abuse of men and crimes by women.

The word “dowry harassment” is conveniently used by women to cover up their follies and hold some man responsible for it. Today, misuse of dowry laws is an acceptable fact. Everyone from Peon to President has talked about it. What does that mean? It simply means that the problem of dowry as presented has never existed, otherwise why would there be so many false cases? More so, it has to be borne in mind that the current implementation of dowry laws does not require any evidence to punish the accused – the mere statement of the “woman” is enough to punish and the onus of proving innocence lies on the accused.

Very recently, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has made efforts to reduce punishment for “Dowry Givers” while increase it for “Dowry Takers” as per the  news quoted in some websites.

Common sense is something which is terribly missing in the Indian Government and our lawmakers. If there are no “Givers”, can there be any “Takers”? Instead of increasing the punishment for “Givers” which will actually reduce the practice of dowry as the root cause is taken care of, our great lawmakers are doing the exact opposite.

I was always doubtful of the real intentions of the Govt. of India in curbing the dowry system because the mere existence of it, albeit virtually, gets the Govt. huge funding from vested western agencies. Only an idiot will kill a goose that gives golden eggs. And with this proposal in pipeline, it is clearly evident that the Govt. does not want to eradicate the dowry system, but wants it to continue so that the journey itself is more intriguing than the destination.

Dowry Giving has been clearly defined as a crime in Section 3, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Yet, till date not a single woman or her parents, shouting at the top of their lungs that they have given huge dowry to the man, have ever been punished for the offence while millions of men have been executed for the same. This in itself shows the anti-male bias of the Government. And now with this proposed amendment, the Govt. is simply allowing the crime legally.

Even, if the current Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 is implemented in its entirety, dowry givers are punished severely and extravagant marriages are brought under its ambit, banning them strictly, the so-called dowry problem will be solved in the next 2 years. But it also means that the foreign funding received for “eliminating dowry” will stop. Not only that, the 50,000 crore market that runs now in the name of “big-fat weddings” will come to an abrupt end. This will be an economic Tsunami for business houses and Corporates and in turn will not only affect Govt.’s funding but also the vote bank. So, quintessentially the existence of the dowry system runs the Govt. No wonder it is promoting it by sinister law amendments.

Girls have always married up in our society, i.e. the economic status/social status/educational status of the boy is higher than the girl in 99% of the cases, barring a few exceptions (the existence of which is the law of Nature). So every girl (and her parents) looks for an educated, well settled boy for an alliance. However, as the Indian Govt. has not furthered any scheme to educate boys, most boys are not able to perform academically and the supply of “eligible bachelors” is very less. That means there is stiff competition among girls to get that “eligible bachelor” and whosoever, pays the highest amount of dowry gets the alliance. It’s simple Demand-Supply dynamics which is currently one-sided. Make it two-sided and the problem is solved. But is anyone actually interested in solving problems?

This system also works well for the Govt. as it gets another chance to project women as victims and men as aggressors and justify anti-male laws or any sinister amendment to it as well. The coy deployed by the Govt. to run its shop under the barb and paradoxical veil of “eradicating dowry” is slowly coming to surface.

In fact, the best way to eradicate dowry system is to break all marriages involving even a whisper of “dowry”, but by giving extra concessions to dowry givers, the Indian Govt. is promoting the dowry system rather than working to eradicate it.