Government of India could not do what Sheikh Hasina has done.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 31 Dec 2013

Sheikh Hasina has done justice to the people of Bangladesh by arranging trial of those Muslim fanatics who supported Pakistan and its army during the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971 culminating in the hanging of most of the culprits.

She has been bold and sincere and the judiciary of Bangladesh too has been bold and just.  Thus justice has been done to the people of Bangladesh.  However, in India, the Government of India did nothing of the sort and invited princes, English stooges like Sir Shobha Singh who gave evidence against the great martyr, Bhagat Singh and Sir S. Radhakrishnan as well as various ICS officers and Muslim League members, who collaborated with the British rulers in repressing the Indian public to become part of the ruling Congress party after Independence.  It is a matter of shame and regret that the British stooge Sir S. Radhakrishnan was elected Second President of India by the ruling Congress party while the families of the freedom fighters and martyrs remained stuck in poverty.  After India became Republic on 26th Jan., 1950, nothing was done to put balm on the families of the martyrs by putting British stooges on trial and getting them hanged.  At least now the Government of India could put balm on the victims of Sikh massacre of 1984 by bringing to trial perpetrators of that massacre and Courts would do well to hang them.  Will Government of India and the Supreme Court of India act in this regard?