Government should think about country's future
Manas Anand | 24 May 2006

The government should introduce quota policies in right fields and should help in India's progress.

The latest quota policy for Other Backward Classes (OBC) is another bleeding
scar on the face of India made by country's very own selfish and corrupt politicians. The recent hike in the percentage of seats in educational institutions and other professional organisations for OBCs has aroused a nation-wide rage among medical, engineering and other students.
The students have formed several associations to protest against this very step of the Congress-led government. Anti-quota protestors are calling mass demonstrations and strikes all over the country. Doctors and medical students from various hospitals and medical institutions around the nation are on strike. But, the government is not even looking at the sufferings of both students as well as patients.
The Human Resource and Development (HRD) minister Arjun Singh has proposed a percentage of reservations for OBCs, which increases the total percentage of reserved seats to more than 49 per cent. Nevertheless, what I and some of my other friends think is that this reservation policy can be introduced in certain vocational courses.
Every student who is in college has to face a common problem, which is the right usage of time. We all student after finishing our final examinations have ample of time but do not have options where we can invest this time of ours and get benefited.
I am a Commerce student and after getting through with my Ist year year-end examinations and there is about 2-3 months time before my Second year classes begins. There are many students, who have money and can join certain courses to utilise the time, but what about the student, who does not have money or a right person to guide. I think the government and the education department should introduce certain summer vacation courses in colleges or should tie up with some good companies, which would offer short-term jobs to us. These courses and jobs would save us from wasting our precious time by doing some call-centre job or just sitting idle, and will help us in getting some experience in our respective fields.
In these courses, the government should introduce these quota policies, so that those students who do not have enough money or other resources get admissions in these courses. Students should get some amount of stipends, which would encourage them and would show their capabilities. A policy should be introduced where there is certain amount of seats reserved for students who are from the SC/ST and OBC classes. And, there can be another policy, like there will be no fees for them for these courses, whereas, students like me would have to pay the fees.
I asked several of my friends regarding this thought of mine and they completely agreed with my opinion. We think this would be a better idea for introducing quotas in educational institutions without harming anybody's future, and side-by-side helping every student regardless of their castes in getting trainings in their specialization fields. This would increase the literacy level as well as the number of merit list students.