Govt. Machinery is neck deep in corruption
John F Williams | 10 Dec 2011

While we continue to make strides in sports and technology, our government machinery on the other hand is immersing deep in corruption.

SALES-TAX personnel are also in no way behind Police and Income –Tax. Recently in Delhi, MCD and DDA also joined hands with their colleagues in Police, Income-Tax, Sales-Tax in accepting the bribes. Even in case of demolitions, you bribe them to spare a part of the portion.

Latest and the greatest is the story of our Delhi MCD Councillors who were caught on camera. They pleaded that since they don’t get any salary and moreover they had to contribute a part to their respective political parties so they indulged into this practice.

Even in the past there had been a case when our parliamentarians were caught in accepting bribe to raise their demanded questions in both the Houses. Fortunately these tainted MPs were expelled from the Parliament by the then Speaker, Mr Chatterjee. But that isn’t the end of story.  Can we be assured that most of our parliamentarians are totally clean?

Our Election Commission must ensure that only honest politicians with clean record and background are allowed to file their nominations, though it is an uphill task. Certain fresh norms may be introduced to do away with dirty and dishonest politicians from the race.

What a Pity! Frankly citizens are losing their confidence in govt machinery, irrespective of the political parties at the helm.