Govt`s Fuel Price Hike a Tsunami for common man, Nation wide protest begins
Anand Krishnan | 29 Jun 2010

Govt`s Fuel Price Hike a Tsunami for common man, Nation wide protest begins



Fuel price hike makes Tsunami and hits common man from June 26 midnight  2010 and the sufferer are the common people as well as middle class people


One side common man is suffering by the food inflation rate  which is gradually increasing day by day and at present 10.20% and govt is failed to control to normalize the situation and now the fuel price hike which totally brakes the vertebral of common man


The base of rising prices in all commodities including essential commodities and vegetables and every things which are in daily use will be hiked due to the fuel price and why the govt of India ragging the common man is now becoming a big question mark because the govt is totally failed to control the present situation and making huge trouble to common man only by increasing the petrol by 3.50 rupees per litre and diesel by Rs 2 and the LPG too goes high by Rs 35 and Kerosene by Rs 3.


Due to hike In all these petroleum products Left has naturally started protest across India with Leading opposition party  Bhartiya Janta Party and in Kerala State today June 26 the State called dawn to dusk Hartal  called by LDF and TN govt to protest to rollback the hiked price


FCCI telling that the govt has taken very nuanced approach in freeing up petrol prices


The Empowered group of ministers ( EGoM ) has completely decontrolled the price of petrol as well as in the principal price of Pertol and diesel and as the price hiked some fuel bunks in tamil nadu  get repaired till night and after 12:am the pumps starts with new price hike so these all are a ragging by govt system to a common man only and the sufferer are only middle calss family .


Petroleum Minnister M.Deora says that the hike of fuel is necessary by mounting losses of OMCs and a gap between global crude prices and domestic Prices


And now the govt has put their hands up by deregulated the petrol prices and now the govt has opend the gateway for continuous increasing in prices of Petrol , Diesel and Kerosene oil and make tense to farmers too because the food inflation will go gradually high now and will rise up to 15 to 20% without any doubt and for all these the govt has brakes the vertebral column of common man and what they thought and vote to govern the nation was only a bad dream and now the sufferer are the common man itself only .


And now different political parties are started their agitation across nation and at last it will affect the common life cycle and become only tense in all states and many places the properties will be damage and protest will go on so its all are the major draw back by govt to itself only to disturb the daily routine life cycle of common man and if it continue the govt itself will be a sufferer in near future and now the common man are not silent and naturally will come out of huge protest against Food Inflation hike and petroleum product hike and its true that it’s a complete failure by the UPA govt and they hit back to the people who has voted and thought a better future of nation but collapse the dream of common man