Greater Noida farmers not happy with goverment
Rajdeep | 04 Jun 2011

Land acquisition problems continue in greater noida as local farmers remain unhappy with government policy

State Government's new land acquisition policy to meet the 23 per cent to 7 per cent of land Development land farmers have to charge. Farmers about the policy to the government's massive resentment. Farmers the government's new acquisition policy is anti-farmer said.
Authority officials say that 23 per cent of acquired land to farmers will land. The land compensation to farmers who will not take. He said that 23 per cent to 7 per cent of the land Development land farmers have to charge. The remaining 16 per cent of the land Development Authority said. Total 23 per cent farmers get back half of the ground they will do business.
Farmers say that the policy was going on before, it benefits the farmers could not get far. Dozens of villages, farmers have not met since last 7 years now plot. Farmers say that the 7 per cent to the plot of land in the authority - many years does the 23 per cent thought the plot of land to be passed in the century. Junpat Rameshwar village sarpanch, says the government on Thursday introduced a new acquisition policy, it is not in favor of farmers.
77 per cent of farmers will be acquired government land. Instead, farmers will be no compensation. Thus the government will acquire 77 per cent of land for free. Ashfipur Inderjit Singh said the farmers that the government should increase the land and compensation to farmers. Farmers said the Government's policy is the worst.