Greg Chappell manhandled
Deepak Kumar | 23 Jan 2007

assult of Gerg chappell has cut a sorry firure of india in the eyes of other nations

It is very shameful act not only on the part of the Kalinga Sena activist, Biranchi Moharana, who slapped and punched Greg Chappell but also on the part of the Orissa government. This incident has raised question over our security arrangements laxity in it. It  would have evoked a sense of fear in the minds of other eminent persons who visits in the different parts of India. This incident has cut a sorry figure of India in the eyes of the other nations. True in many ways Chappell is responsible for the downfall of Indian cricket team, as many thought. But this is not true, Indian cricket team has also done good in many matches under his coaching. He cannot be solely responsible for the eviction of Saurav Ganguly from the team, then why is this popular discontent against him?. Why not people see in recent India has performed good against Carribeans and Ganguly has done a superb comeback in the team in the guidance of Chappell?. But the result is that Chappell is being slapped and punched. This incident has also raised question over the nature and behavior of Indians who is known for their kindheartedness, tolerance, respect for guests and forgiveness for centuries.