GST Reduction Sought on Shahbad Stones - MP Chevella Submits Representation
TR. Madhavan | 02 Jul 2017

Member of Lok Sabha from Chevella constituency, Telangana Shri Konda Vishweshwar Reddy met Hon'ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, yesterday regarding GST and submitted a representation.

In his representation specifically pointed out the GST on Tandur Stone flooring also called Shahabad Stone. Currently the VAT on Tandur Stone is 5% VAT from tomorrow it will be replaced by a whopping 28% GST. He explained the Minister that, 1) Tandur Stone unpolished cost Rs.4 per sft at the quarry and Rs.14 per sft polished in market. It is used by even the poorest of the poor for flooring as opposed to vitrified tiles or Marble which is used by the wealthy. Both are put in the same 28% GST slab. 2) Tandur stone Produces rural employment whereas Vitrified Tiles are made in huge factories. 3) Close to 50,000 people are employed in Tandur in this business. 4) Rajasthan State which produces both High end Marble flooring and low cost Kotha Stone has 2 different rates for GST. 

Hon'ble Minister bought the rationale and assured the MP that, he will definitely send it to the GST Council. Shri. Vishweshwar Reddy said, he is reasonably sure the GST on Tandur stone will be reduced, but still have to follow up with the GST Council. There are many such cases of sudden increase in taxes, but the GST Council and the Sectoral GST Councils will resolve such issues if there is logic and proper representation is made. MP Shri. Vishweshwar Reddy opine that, while GST as many pros and cons, GST in general is good for the nation like India, since it will increase Tax Compliance and in a way reduce Black Money. Many advances countries like USA do not have GST yet there tax compliance is High.