Gujju thali place takes Gujju celeb test –Panchavati Gaurav
Panchavati Gaurav | 28 Nov 2013

" We took Lottery star Rucha Gujarathi to find out how saaru the jaman at new Gujarati-Rajasthani thali place Panchavati Gaurav is "

Fresh of the release of her debut film Lottery, actress Rucha Gujarathi made an exception to her diet when she dropped in with us at new shuddh shakahari thali place, Panchavati Gujarati in Andheri. Their claim is a complete thali with unlimited portions of authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes at just Rs 225 (Sunday special at Rs 260). The menu changes every day, the break-up is the same: one thali offers 4 sabzis, 2 sweet dishes, farsan, dal, kadhi, rice, pulav, khichdi, two types of rotis, buttermilk, papad, chutneys, salad, pickle and a bottle of packaged drinking water... phew! The choice of location had us stumped. What is a regional Indian cuisine restaurantdoing inside a mall? But then again, Moti Mahal and Rajdhani have made a success of it. A separate baithak area for dining cross-legged in traditional Gujarati style would have been great, mused Rucha.    

The service: Large empty plates appeared at our table as soon as we parked ourselves. A second later, drinking water appeared and the army of waiters began offloading the dishes and accompaniments one-by-one. This is just the way we Gujaratis do it, Rucha beamed. They were at the beck and call of every table around, serving ladles and containers in hand.   

The thali: That day's menu started off with Surti Plaza (a sweet and sour Gujju savoury that resembles a samosa), Barfi Dhokla, and moved to veggies like Saragva ni Sing, Aloo Punjabi, Valore Muthiya Tamota and Moongar ni Dal with phulkas and puris. "It's all quite authentic, especially the phulkas. My mom makes them in the same size too!" said Rucha, nibbling on a repeat-worthy Biscuit Roti. The Khichdi had a Conti feel. Dhaniya, Imli and Lasoon chutneys added the tang, along with aam ka achaar. The Aam Ras was the highlight for the TV actress-turned-film star. "This is how dinner is at home," she smiled.