Gurgaon based colonizer lobby has wished Haryana Chief Minister,Bhupinder Hooda long and healthy life on his birthday on 15th september.Hooda is obliging them for last eight years
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 18 Sep 2013

Powerful colonizer lobby has wished Haryana Chief Minister,Bhupinder Singh Hooda happy and long life on his birth day on 15th ,Septmber.Hooda is obliging them ever since he became , C.M,since,2005 and now they had reciprocated with birthday wishing of special editions in leading newspaers spending millions of Rs. It is believed that Hooda is choice of colonizer lobby in case congress fails to gets majority in polls. In that case Rahul Gandhi will not take risk and Manmohan Singh will not be repeated.In that case,colonizer lobby and Hooda will manage M.P.,s and support from other parties.Colonizer lobby feels that only Hooda can watch their interests in view of Land Acquisition Bill as he has obliged them in Haryana by misusing various provisions of the Land Acquisition Act.

Colonizer lobby  has wished Haryana,Chief Minister,Bhupinder Singh Hooda long life and prosperity.on his birthday on 15th September.Leading Gurgaon based colonizers who are looting the poor farmers of Haryana in connivance with corrupt politicians and officers of Town and Country Planning and H.U.D.A. have come out with special advertisements in leading national newspapers known for investigative journalism, wishing Hooda a happy and prosperous life for making Gurgaon heaven. Admittedly Gurgaon is heaven, but not for common men.It is really heaven for rich colonizers, corrupt politicians and officers Everybody who is somebody in corridors of power has direct or indirect interest in Gurgaon  and that is why Haryana Chief Minister is so powerful.Money bags from Gurgaon  feeds party high command ,media and everybody who matters.Hooda is natural choice of colonizer lobby for post of P.M.in case Congress fails to get majority in elections. In that case Rahul Gandhi will not take risk and party will not repeat Dr.Manmohan Singh for third term.In that case Hooda will mange M.P.,s , courtesy money bags from colonizers whose interest Hooda has watched , is watching and will watch despite the Land Acquisition Act.

..Newspapers have come with special editions under cover of marketing initiative.Same builders have also given page one add to these papers. Is otherwise, active Mr. Katuju listening. Is it not fit case for taking suo motto cognizance for paid news crime.. A Leading colonizer close to Hooda having hundreds of acre of land bank while blessing Hooda with a long life has congratulating Haryana Govt. for announcing affordable housing policy and improving law and order situation in Gurgaon.
Add in a leading English daily  claims that after Hooda took over as chief minister in 2005, Haryana has become the No.One on many counts in the country. Will the editor of daily ask its investigative team to write on poor health facilities in Gurgaon , not to mention Medicity where rich can get treatment,transport and education facilities . Colonizer lobby has flourished and is still flourishing with jet speed since Hooda took over as Chief Minister .   However D.L.F although an old player has also  grown multiplied during Hooda,s tenure.At a function held few years back at Rohtak to collect donations for  a college in name  of Ranbir Singh, father of Hooda, D.L.F has donated a handsome amount.Congratulating  D.L.F representative  for this, Hooda has commented that I am the state king  but real king meaning thereby financial king is D.L.F. That was indication  to everybody about clout of D.L.F.It is joked in Haryana that land policy for Gurgaon is  influenced if  not decided by D.L.F.  land deals of D.L.F.,Robert Vadera  and  close associates of Hooda exposed by whistle blower I.A.S officer Ashok Khemka has hit the media headlines.Later Rao Inderjit Congress M.P. has also demanded independent probe in change of land use licences in Gurgaon during Hooda,s tenure.Highly placed sources  told that  present exercise of large advertisements  is to cover up the land deals..  Gurgaons,s master plan has been changed and extended several times.
Hooda is obliging  colonizer lobby now they have reciprocated the gesture..
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