Had AKG been alive - The delhi episode and after
akrami | 27 Mar 2008

That a group of pro - Hindu organisations tried to gate crash in to the AKG Bhavan in Delhi is sad. But more sad is the genesis of the precipitation. The path of mutual annihilation that the CPM and the RSS/BJP have taken in Kannur for long, partly across Kerala, got high lighted in Delhi is good. And those from Kannur narrate how the tribal enmities and rituals of violence and hatred make life impossible there. Interestingly it is the marginalised Hindu community, majority of the ranks of both RSS/BJP and CPM are drawn from the community, who fight and die when the saviors from other communities come to pay homage. And in a state where the minority power is menacing both groups are at their mercy, the CPM has its major sponsors from minority communities. With their lavish life styles and corporate revolution this money is now inevitable. How they often become mercenaries for the sponsors, intellectually, politicaly and even physically. Such clashes certailnly help some of the minority groups to widen the gap, gain superiority, as Oommen Chandy proved, coming as a good samaritan to settle the fights of these wayward children. At times even the RSS cadres are known to seek this path, for survival. The key think tank of Hindutwa in Kerala has a Christian gentleman in charge, he who has the gold make the rules. For Hindu organisations and individuals keeping economic independence is a painful process in Kerala.

Now what are the communists required to learn from this and what the RSS/BJP. For one let us start from AKG himself, let us ask ourselves what AKG would have done in today's Kerala if he was alive. AKG, a greatly loved Communist leader, was fundamentally seeking justice to the underdog. The poor, dalits and the powerless. In todays Kerala the Hindu segment is predominantly poor and powerless and it is obvious that AKG would have been with the Hindu Aikya Vedi. For that matter so shall the other Coimmunists gone by, for they lived for principles, not money and position. Wat present day Communists are after, most of them. For international remittances and vote bank politics have made the minorities capture the state and its resources. The main stream culture is now hunted down, main stream populations extremely marginalized. The productive sectors are all but dead, no agriculture, no industry and all that happens is dharnas, strikes, violence. And the Communists are now the mercenaries of the minority. The other front, UDF, is ofcourse owned and operated by minority vote banks, its worse than the Communist LDF. In the recent past there was a subtle shift, people like V S Achuthanandan airing truthful views in some forums. But the possibility of sponsorships dying out, national postures of Communism, their vote banks outside Kerala make them vulnerable. The Communist lobbies that can raise money stake control. In a federal set up, in a diverse country the Communists should have taken state wise positions but they have no such discerning leadership. Yes, they have taken wise decisions in Delhi, like in the issue of nuclear deal, but they fail miserably in guaging the people's mood in Kerala where the most inappropriate people lead Communism, thanks to caste politics. That the Communists are blindly oposing even the saner and convincing stands of the RSS/BJP but supporting damaging assertions in favour of minority isolationism as in the Sachar Committee Report, clearly expose them. In Kerala they have more, what is called Paloli Committee, and the hatred shall sooner or later get nasty.

Not that the RSS/ BJP are always right, no, they have their negatives and the obsession with the Hindu - Muslim dichotomy is unfortunate. But negatives on other's side perhaps demand that, for Islam vows by 6 th century mindsets though Muslim friends in practical life are hardly following it. Uniform Civil Code is a case, if they want it enforced they should also stop taking interests, stop seeing cenemas, as in Saudi Arabia, get punished by shariat. Hinduism has its largesse in any case, how there is no Communism in Islamic countries, even in neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh. And for the Christian friends, India just out from a Christian rule they have many advantages is true, they too have their vested interests beyond what is permissible in a majority Hindu state. Where occassionally they hav eto be reminded of their position. In all these cases the Communists with their text book theories and self interests have taken illogical stands. Hope they realize this basic fact. They should also realize the folly of denying all native traditions, culture and spirituality. That a good chunk of post-Communist Hindus in Kerala are now trapped in suicide prone behaviour, large numbers are alcoholic, many women are in to wrong ways, should open their eyes. Communist leaders now get sponsorships for family members, from rich minorities. Revolution is complete in some of them. Yes, there are many positive attributes in Marxism, had Marx been born in India he would have been accepted as a Saint is possible, but Hinduism unlike semitic religions is not exclusive, Communism is and they are at fault there. China had a Mao who assimilated the best of Communism to Chinese culture, unfortunately India did not have such a genious. Hope the Communists see reason, also that the RSS/BJP becomes more flexible and realistic about the inner problems of Hinduism, what gives legitimacy to Communism. Like the urge to bring back out dated models of priestly hegemony and prejudices. And both of them should know that the country shall be weaker if they do such bitch fights.