Half-hearted projects can't save polluted River Yamuna
John F Williams | 13 Dec 2011

Crores of rupees have been washed away in planning to clean the river which can only boast of filth and stench.

OUR HON’BLE Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Friday admitted that pollution in River Yamuna has not only increased but worsened than before. What a simple statement on her part!

IS our Hon’ble CM answerable to the public for the massive funds that have only been wasted for non-compliance of the plans? Crores of rupees from the Treasury thus have gone into the gutter through contractors, consultants and petty contractors. The involved parties were aware that none from the govt machinery is going to check / control them and that resulted in a poor show. Was there any clause in their agreements or tenders under which they could be penalised for their bad performance?

Recently I read an article that said 400 Crores have been allotted to clean River Yamuna but a representative of the NGO who have been associated / awarded the consultancy is of the strong opinion that nothing can be done till the drainage system improves. The rusted pipelines must be taken care on top priority. Madam has now passed the buck on to the Centre for the creation of Yamuna River Body to implement a new Plan and for its co ordination with various departments.

Why she took up the Plan of cleaning River Yamuna when she was not capable enough? Whole of the money used to nfund earlier projects have gone down the drain. It is suggested that our Parliament Committee of Public Affairs should have a strict check / control on such major Projects / Plans undertaken by Chief Ministers and others.