Han Chinese and Uighur Muslims clash in Xinjiang

In the capital of Xinjiang province in China, Urumqi, Islamic terrorism is raring to go in a far off places. In the mainland China, the Han Chinese are the dominant segment of population, in Xinjiang it is Uighurs, Muslims, who dominate the scene.

THE ISLAMIC terrorism is raring to go in a far off place, Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang province in China. The provincial capital, Urumqi is about 2,000 km from the national capital, Beijing. Whereas in the mainland China, the Han Chinese are the dominant segment of population, in Xinjiang it is the Uighurs, Sunni Muslims, who dominate the scene. Of course, the Chinese government is strict in enforcing law of the land and no concession is given to the Muslim minority or Buddist majority. All are equals in the eye of law. The Muslim male is not permitted to have four living wives, unlike in some backward Islamic countries, because it violates the principle of man-woman equality. The legal luminaries in China are of the opinion that since a Muslim female is not permitted under Sharia to have four living husbands, why should a Muslim male be permitted to have four living wives. The principle of 'Nan-nyu ping deng' Equality of male-female is operative in China.

In Urumqi, the Muslim Uighurs took out a protest march to highlight the discrimination against them. At first they clashed with the police and then transferred the mass anger against the immigrant Han Chinese by bashing their cars, burning shops and attacking both male and female Chinese people. Their violence was so intense that the police had to open fire. More than 1400 men and women were arrested. 156 men and women were killed in the street violence. The Mayor of Urumqi, an Uighur himself, held a press conference to kill rumours by giving authentic facts. But he too refused to disclose that how many Han Chinese and how many Uighur Muslims lost their lives. The Han Chinese took out a counter protest march but the police prevented them from entering a street where a mosque was located. The situation indeed is very tense and peace between segments of population is not likely to prevail in the near future.

The People's Republic of China would do well to investigate whether the Pakistani Taliban, an Islamic terrorist outfit, also encouraged and supported the Uighur Muslims in their separatist movement. As of now, the main suspects are the Uighur migrants abroad who pump funds and instigate the locals to launch a separatist movement and not to be a part of China. Ms Rubia Qadir, an Uighur exile, is a prominent name among the instigators of the separatist movement in Xinjiang. Come what may, the central government in Beijing is likely to come down heavily on separatism-cum-terrorism and nip the trouble in the bud. The Government of India would do well to launch an investigation to ascertain the truth about supporters of separatism and terrorism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. There are some common factors, like Islam and may be the source of funding. All said and done, terrorism of all shades and hues must be eliminated everywhere, irrespective of the cause they profess they are fighting for.