'Handbook of Modernity in South Asia'- Modern Makeovers
Jitendra Parmar | 16 Nov 2011

'Handbook of Modernity in South Asia'- Modern Makeovers, Edited by Prof. Saurabh Dube, Published by Oxford University Press

THE CEREBRAL event had intellectuals, writers, artists, professor and opinion leaders attending, including, Honorary Professor, Dr. T N Madan, Institute of Economic Growth; Dr. Ravi Sundaram, Senior Fellow, CSDS; Dr. Prathama Banerjee, Associate Fellow, CSDS; Mr. Mahesh Rangarajan, Director, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library; Professor Valerian Rodrigues, JNU; Mr. Tejbir Singh, Editor, Seminar; Academicians, Ms. Sangeeta Mishra and Ms. Punita Singh and the hosts Professor Saurabh Dube and Ms. Rowena Kaparath from Oxford University  Press, among many others.  

The Handbook of Modernity's chapters interrogate and examine the association between modernity and India; how modernity is understood by people historically and in contemporary contexts; the many forms of its expression; and the wider conditions, limitations, and possibilities of modernity at the regional, national, and global levels.  

Combining a variety of disciplines and perspectives, this handbook unravels and interprets modernity as a contradictory and contested entity and process. Mapping prior routes and, at the same time, charting novel pathways, it emphasizes the role of modernity as a contending force in popular self-reckoning and distinct political agendas.  

According to Prof. Saurabh Dube, "This wide-ranging Handbook should be of special interest to policy makers as well as practitioners of arts, from architects and designers to advertising professionals. It would also attract students and scholars of different disciplines, especially from media, cultural studies, sociology, international relations, politics and history. Taken together the volume should be crucial reading to understand the modern processes in the evolution of South Asia over the past 200 years."