GAYATRI ARORA | 07 Feb 2011

THE 'Ready-to-eat' food given in anganwadis which is one of the basic reason for the dismal nutritional status of children.I went to karnataka,and I am potraying this article to show the nutritional status of children in northern karnataka.




Recently i went to karnataka this is my personal experience there,after visiting there what i had seen that circumstances there especially at an Angadwaadi,at yaregera village in raichur district is miserable.Children find the packed dried food that has replaced freshly cooked meals in angadwadis very unappetising.

is among the most improvished districts of the state,which are concentrated in the north karnatka region but what i found that fundamental flaws in the implementation of the project in the state,despite crores of rupees being pumped into it,have condemned districts like raichur into spiral of deprivation.



I met with Renuka,a young anganwadi teacher in Marakamdinni village in Deodurg taluk of Raichur district,has resigned herself to some harsh facts; according to her these are:-

*There is no Gurantee that the food meant for the children at the Anganwadi will be supplied regularly.

*Another is that even if that happens,the children may not eat the packed instant food supplied.

As a result,only a third of the children enrolled attend the anganawadi,whose primary role is to address child nutrition and health.But there is one statistic she cannot come to terms with.Running her finger down the register in which she records health indicators of the children,she does a quick calculation to confirm what she already knows."five of these children are malnourished,".she announces.That is fifth of the total number of children under her care.

It has been a year and a half since packaged food,made up of roughly pounded rice,wheat,pulses and spices,has replaced freashly cooked food in the angawadis in Karnatka.Angawadi teachers across the state describes the dried food at best in unappestising and at worst as "unfit even for cattle".

In spite of this acute deprivation,packaged food supplied to anganwadis is being thrown away in kopal district."the children are refusing to eat it" said and angadwadi worker from gangavathi taluk.

Karnatka children suffering from the most severe form of Malnutrition,it compares poorly with all lther southern States.

As far as The national family Health is concerned that karnataka performs poorly in comparison with its neighbours on several indices that reflect child nutrition.

"The infant mortality rate in the north karnatka districts is higher than the state coverage" and Bellary have the lowest number of mothers who have lowest number of mothers who have received at least one anti-tetanus injection(less than 65%),according to district level household.






India is home to some 230 million undernourished people-that is,27% of all undernourished people in the world.worse still,more than half of all child deaths in India are because of Malnutrition,and over 1.5 million children in the country are at the risk of being malnourished because of the rising food prices


has less than 30% in situational delieveries,while Gulbarga,Raichur,bellary,gadag,and Bagalkot have less than 50%.fewer than 60% of the children aged between 12 to 23 months get vaccined in the districts of Bijapur,bagalkot and Rachur.

There is serious need to take steps and Indian government to open its eyes and to ensure food security and take effective measures towards the under malnutrished state like karnataka.

The NAC,headed by congress president SONIA GANDHI,needs to initiate which promises to set in motion the food security Act.NAC members held discussions with Ministry officials,Planning Commission members and civil society activists before finalising the recomendations.

The NAC's working group of food security,it was also resloved,would work comprehensively on measures to enhance agricultural production,improve the PDS AND INTRODUCE procurement reforms.It will also look at systems of oversight,transperency,accountability and greviance redressal.

Rather doing false promises with people,politicians and directly or indirectly Govt should open its eyes and and help the "helpless" to such malnutritive and poor states like karnatka.