Harper to be a part of India's growth in barter?
Prativa Rathi | 20 Apr 2015

On the note that India is finally on a move Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his bilateral meet with Canadian minister Stephen Harper announced the partnership of Canadian minster for India's development.

In the summit Modi not only rejuvenated the historical amity but also invited his Canadian counterpart to strengthen defence and security cooperation. With being applauded and feted by more than 8000 Indo- Candaians in the speech which he delivered for about one hour and 10 minutes at Toronto Narendra Modi shook a great approval not only from Herper but also from the public.

To strengthen the economic cooperation between the countries Modi has inked 13 deals which listed education, railways, civil aviation, health, social security, health .The vision is India's development whether by fabrication of toilets for girls or by promoting the youths in the country to create the next IBM or mp3, "Modi said.  While the heart of bilateral was the important announcement of electronic visa authorization for tourist visa for Canadian nationals. In order to support a better contact and engagement the policy has been liberalized with an additional benefit of having 10 year visas from now.

Modi at his speech stated " Jan man badla hai" which vividly meant that in his 10 month of work as incumbent prime minister People have changed and India is finally on a move.

Is liberalising visa policy a barter to seek cooperation and understanding with the Canadian government? While the other deals right from constructing toilets till creating the next IBM in the country is a way to dupe the Canadian government stating it a way to lead mutual cooperation and understanding? Would India make inroads on Canada roads?