He is. merely dust, surely not..
khan khurram | 22 Aug 2009

A piece of poetry in memory of my father

He is Merely dust, Surely not..!
“We never appreciate what we have until it’s gone.”

Today, how much I regret… And, I remember what you said once,,,, “you will regret my child, but time won’t be same.” Your words turned out to be true. How much I regret, how much I yearn to talk to you once. How much I wish to be blessed by you. “ Papa”

Unseen I suffer, unheard I cry; in agony I mourn, in silence I die.

Where are You…?
Again, I remember once you said… “Don’t worry I will always be there for you”. You lied and you left me when I needed you the most. I crave for your unseen shadow, often stare the door from where you left for the hospital never to return. And I wonder, can’t you feel my pain, no matter where you are..?

Again, I memorize what you always used to say…. “Be happy, I’ll even bring stars for you”. Where has the happiness gone? You took it away with yourself, there is no one left to console me on those low days. I don’t find anybody who can defend me the way you did……
Where are You…?

Again, I remember how you used to fulfill my each demand. How much you cared for my books, my gifts, my attires. How you used to knock before entering my room, how you used to get fuming whenever I used to come late from tuitions.
Where are You, Papa?
You left so early & untimely. It’s been precisely four years since you left, and the wound fails to heal, it will always cease to heal, I know.

Where are You?
Indeed You are
A pair of sightless spectacles,
Faded blue khan-suit,
A bed-side Qur’an.
The lone picture in the hall.
The ache in our hearts,
The void in our lives,
You are those as well…