heal the world
Himani Sethi | 01 Nov 2008

people come and heal the world!


Come let's heal the world

(Heal the world )

Himani Sethi

Once lush with greenery, nature has now been reduced to deadly scenery. The wreckage is created by humans. When we are powerful enough to create disorder, we are powerful enough to heal the world. When mother earth can heal us, why can't we heal her?

AS ALBERT Pike rightly put it, “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us, what we have done for others and the world remains, and is immortal.” To most of the people this quote is an affirmative axiom as it was to me at cursory read. But at the very next moment it tickled my midrib and I found this quote overturning into negative, nay, depressing. I wish what we have done for this world would remain mortal, for no good deed has been performed by the human race for others, and whatever we have done to ourselves alone were unending bliss of heaven would remain indispensable. At least, this way mother earth would have something good left to it.

Our mother earth created beautiful expression called 'nature'. And nature created plants and trees, which permeate in the cosmic heart of universe. Once lush with greenery, nature has now been reduced to deadly scenery. The mayhem has stormed into all rounds. Light has been wiped with all bright. This wreckage is a black hole created by all of us in our own world.

When we are powerful enough to create disorder everywhere then we are powerful enough to heal our world. When our mother earth’s creativity heals us, then why can't we do the same to her? Why are we sieving the soul of our own mother who has given us enough to experience?

The entire human race needs to shake off sloth to heal our mother nature. We are required to respect the environment. We are required to possess the respect for animals as well. It is piety to know that every day an animal specie disappears forever from the earth because we leave them no living space and destroy vital elements in their habitats. We errant people hunt animals for pleasure and other slaughter animals for the profit gained from selling their parts.
Animals play major roles in maintaining natural ecological balance through eating habits, which may destroy animals and insects which devour plants needed by man or by eating otherwise unwanted plant growth. They should not be exploited in connection with religious beliefs.

Don’t keep animals in deprived environments for commercial reasons. Don’t use them for experimental tests. Treat them kindly. Don’t pollute animal water or food resources. Come and heal the animals!
Sometimes, I feel the world has gardens but not greenery because the way green cover in the entire world has been receding, no one is taking serious measures to prevent its dwindling forests. Forest is a vital part of the natural chain, which results in cloud formation and rain. Trees provide shade from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. To enjoy clean air, life-giving rains and ensure soil enrichment and conservation, come and heal the nature!
Biologically, mother earth may not have produced us but she has produced many feelings in our hearts to make us feel the touch of her fondling. When I close my eyes, I see a dream that my mother (earth) is beaming in peace and prosperity to foster her more than hundred crore daughters and sons in her lap where religion, cast, culture, spirituality, violence are unknown and when I open my eyes, my heart torn asunder to see her whimpering to bear the blood-shed and to sense the differences among her own children, which breaks all my dreams into smithereens. I prefer to close my eyes again to see my mother happy. But is this the way out to live my dreams without making any effort to turn them into reality? Certainly not! My dreams believe in healing the world where Hindus and Muslims are not thirsty for each others blood, where Sikhs and Christians are not enjoying it, where dalits are not treated as untouchables, where blacks and whites are treated at par with each other, where there is no menace of terrorism and where poverty factor cannot touch anyone.

Every time we offer alms to a beggar it gives birth to another beggar and if we don’t, it fosters them to bend upon to the extent of steeling from our pockets. Is this the kind of world you and I are waiting for?

Let’s always think about the world that will prosper and the children of this world will bring prosperity. Let’s always dream that the world will be a poverty ridden. When we open our eyes we should not see street urchins picking up rags. When we go outside we should not find any innocent holding a begging bowl instead of pencil and books in his/her hands and when we eat we should not find any person starving right in front of us.

World is on its verge to get destroyed, so in the end I will sink my feelings in Jackson’s lyrics: “Heal the world; Make it a better place; for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying; If you care enough for the living; Make a better place for;
you and for me.”