Health Camp organised by Nidaan
Ranjan K Baruah | 10 Mar 2015

NIDAAN, a registered society which is a unit of health care home service based in Guwahati in association with Wintrobe Hospital has organized a free health check up camp at Rupnagar Lower Primary School on 8th March.

  It was attended by many experienced doctors from Wintrobe Hospital, other invitees and people from the locality who got the benefit from the free health check up camp. Dr Pranjal Barman, Dr Diganta Brahma, Dr Apurba Baishya, Dr Pragyan Kalita, Dr G Hazong and Dr Nareswar Barman (Cardiology) rendered their free service for the needy people.  They also provided free consultation to all those who attended the free health check up camp. More than one hundred and twenty people were benefitted from the health camp who received services from the doctors and other health professionals.  Some limited blood tests were done apart from providing some free medicine. Mr Ratul Das and Alvish Ali Nawaz from Nidaan coordinated the health camp which has been praised by the local people. Nidaan has been formed by some of the health professionals which include doctors, lab technicians, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.  Nidaan was previously known as Ayushman which has changed its name to Nidaan in last general meeting.  "This is our first endeavour and we are committed to organise similar free health check up camps in different parts of Guwahati city and other parts of the states for the benefit of the poor and needy people", said Ratul Das of Nidaan.