Healthy diet is central to quality of life
anam qureshi | 24 Feb 2011

This article sheds light on how awareness about a balanced diet is an important factor in living a healthy life and avoid disease.

MITA SAT impatiently in the hospital room. She started reminiscing about what she had gone through in the past. Her successful garment business had come crashing down. Chronic depression took control over her and couldn’t sleep for countless nights.
She became an insomniac and lost all confidence in herself. Her parents, her family, her friends and mostly her husband were greatly worried for her. They did not know how the business woman who everyone termed has perfect had lost all hope in life. To top it all, they weren’t too sure if she would survive through the rough waters. She herself was not sure if hr misery would never end.
That all changed for the better when she found out that she was pregnant. She quickly regained her spirits and zest for life. She became the social butterfly gain and started attending all the baby showers thrown for her. She had a spring in her step, a song on her lips and hope in her heart.
Ajay bounced with joy as he entered her ward and told her that they had a baby girl. She was thrilled as the doctor brought in the bundle of joy. Fascinate at God’s precious gift, she looked down at the beautiful girl and was instantly drawn towards her.
The doctor called Ajay with the bad news that the baby girl had a very low hemoglobin level due to iron deficiency and would be nearing her end at any moment. He was dumbfounded and didn’t know how such a cruel thing could happen to them. The doctor told him that Mita had probably been a real carefree girl (which she undoubtly was) and must not have taken care of her diet when she was young for she was suffering from anemia herself.
Ajay didn’t knowhow he would tell her the news without hurting her, for he knew she would blame herself for the baby’s condition. He gathered up enough courage and told Mita as gently as possible about the baby’s health and her inevitable nearing demise. She was shocked beyond words and she took it exactly as Ajay was afraid she would; she blamed herself and her poor lifestyle for the little girl’s fate.
She kept thinking if only she had died before experiencing this joy of life. It was all her fault, if only she hadn’t relied on junk food and had the simple home made food she could have prevented this from happening. Her grief was beyond words and she slipped back into the folds of depression when her daughter died two months later.
It is a sad story a sad reality, for things like this do happen to people. It is easy to be positive and dismiss it saying by saying that “it can never happen to me” or” it’s just a story!” But this can be the reality even for you if you are carefree about life as Mita was .She herself never thought this would happen to her, and ended up suffering the consequences. Be smart now and don’t land up in Mita’s shoes.
Have a  nutritious and balanced diet, eat plenty of greens no matter how much you dislike them, take your family’s advice about food, drink that glass of milk before leave your home because these things will determine your future. You will one day not only be responsible for your own self but also for another, who is dependent on you and your wellbeing.
So be conscious now, and don’t suffer Mita’s fate, make sue it doesn’t become your sad story. God has sent you on his earth for a purpose, he may have wanted you to be scientist, a mathematician, a journalist or may be a housewife, but never neglect your nutritional needs because not only you but your future banks on it.