Healthy Lifestyle and Proper Sleep can be Achieve through Mindfulness Meditation
Ruchi Verma | 23 Feb 2015

A proper sleep is required for everyone. One cannot distinct between how much sleep is requried for which age group.

Opting for healthy lifestyle is not enough if one ignore proper sleep which play vital role in active lifestyle. Recently, a study revealed that a mindfulness meditation help not only children but also older adults to maintain proper sleep routine. One can associate with higher levels of fatigue, disturbed mood and can even suffer depressive symptoms if there is a moderate disturbance in one's sleep. According to the doctors, meditation practice and fifteen minute yoga can imporve sleep quality for older audlts as meditation is more structured program which focus more on changing poor sleep habits and also build up a proper bedtime routine. The prevalent burden of sleep problem among older adults is very common and one can cure it through medidation only. It is also reported that mindfulness meditation appeared more healthier than opting for a medical treatment for it. A healthy lifestyle and active life is directly inter-linked with one's sleep routine. One should better think about natural ways to maintain his sleep routine before choosing any of related medical treatment. And meditation is a best possible way to cure sleep disorder. As healthy sleep routine is key to healthy and active lifestyle.