Helpless women in times of globalization
Simarjot Kaur | 25 Apr 2011

It is said that with the globalisation, the status of women has increased in our society and people realize the importance of women. But after reading news reports regarding problems and crime being being faced by women, one does not feel encouraged.

Taking the example of a recent newspaper article regarding harrasment of women related to dowry. A 23 year women who have given birth to a girl child faced dowry tourture by her husband and in-laws and when she refused to fulfilling their demands, one of her eyes was badly injured after she was attacked by a sharp edged weapon during the beating.
Women told the police that its not the first time that this kind of harrasment was done to her, earlier also such attempts of hanging her and burning her took place in their house, but then she saved herself somehow. Bt this time her husband didn’t spared her.
I would like to ask the people what's the fault of that lady, is it her fault that shez a lady? Or giving the birth to a girl child is her fault?? Donno how can people be so heartless and committing such kind of sins.
I still am waiting for that time to come when the laws for the Women Empowerment will be strictly implemented so that any men or in-laws think 100 times before harrasing ladies.