Hike in Auto Theft Inspite of High Security Measures, Gurgaon Police is Still Clueless
Rajni Verma | 15 Feb 2015

Two wheeler thefts are common now in Gurgaon. According to police records nearly 88% of automobile thefts cases registered by Gurgoan police in the past year. In 2013, about 3190 vehicles of which 2,850 are two wheelers stolen and snatched in Gurgaon but during 2014 this ratio of theft increased and reached upto 3,240.

This increased number of vehicles theft case directly indicate that how unsafe city has become for parked vehicles, with nearly nine vehicles being stolen in a day on an average.

Meanwhile, Gurgaon police commissioner, Nevdeep Virk claimed that they are doing their best to beware vehicle owners regarding theft and expecting their coordination also to prevent it, "Vehicle theft is an organized crime, so it is a big challenge for us. We are making efforts to prevent it and detect the thieves." He further added, "However, residents too need be careful and must park their vehicles in secure parking lots and install a GPS system in their cars", as reported by TOI.

Within two years, the number of stolen motorcycles and scooters increased from 2,085 (2013) to 2,850 (2014). It is also reported that with time thieves has devised new ways to deceive security measures. In recent incident, thieves stole vehicles which were parked at IFFCO Chowk Metro Station. They pretend to be a owner of vehicle and drove it away inspite of strict security measures.

Such sudden move away of thieves from the traditional modus operandi to other ways come up as a challenge for the Gurgaon cop. As they even managed to stole vehicles from metro station parking lodge too.

However, till the date police has traced about 20-25% vehicles only as tracking the stolen property is pretty challenging for them. As per sources, thieves either use the vehicles in the rural area where there are fewer check or they dismantle the stolen vehicles and sell its parts in the black markets plus use its body as scrap which is making things more difficult for the cop.