Hiring best give best results
Vishnu Mohan | 13 Feb 2007

Most of us are aware of E Sreedharan as a true hero of Metro Rail in Delhi. On a related article titled "India needs Pitrodas, Sreedharans" published on January31, 2007, in merinews.com, one can get more details on these two great personality.
Sreedharan strongly believes in ‘picking up the right people for the right job’. Let's not forget to heap showers of praise on those who selected Mr. E. Sreedharan for the Delhi Metro Project, considering his wonderful stint during his Konkan Railway building days. Hiring right people for the right job indeed ends up with great results.
I have come across many flyovers in different parts of India including our capital city. However, one particular flyover impressed me pretty much. Recently, I was in Calcutta and felt pretty impressed with one flyover in the city. Perhaps, this flyover could be a unique one in our conuntry. It stretches for about 4 kms in a busy stretch. As a passerby, I feel the work done on this flyover is pretty good. Though I am not a technical person, but my eyes assured me the work done is one of the best. Quality of the roads and railings and supports all are worth mentioning. The name of this flyover is Arobindo Setu. I do not know who is behind this project but one thing I am sure, this team, if given encouragement, can do wonders in building great flyovers at strategic places throughout the country.   I checked with one taxi driver and a couple of commuters - their replies were unanimous - if Calcutta can get another three or four such flyovers sretching more distance, the traffic issue will get a positive boost. One taxi driver suggested a flyover from a place called M.G.Road to a place called Sealdah will be of great benefit to the daily commuters. Again, let us not forget that Calcutta is the first city in India to have laid Metro Rail, about three decades back though it took a lot of time to complete the project.
People behind Infrastructure Development in the country can do well to find out more about the right people behind Arobindo Setu flyover at Calcutta to give them a chance to build more flyovers in other parts of India. Who knows, there could another heroic person like E.Sreedharan hidden somewhere in this team wanting to showcase his/her talent for the benefit of most of us.