Honking is not always the answer
petula dias | 31 Dec 2010

The excessive use of horn on the streets affects and irritates people.

WHEN A person learns to drive there are several rules that are taught in India. The application of these regulations is however lost in our country. When a license is issued, it is made sure that the person knows all the rules of the road and is capable of handling the vehicle. But, very less importance is given whether these rules are in fact applied. For example, honking is not allowed unnecessarily. This rule is not functional and most importantly not considered important.

Life is very competitive and every individual is trying his best to keep up. The bus drivers, auto drivers, cars, two wheelers and others use the horn of their vehicles excessively disturbing the peace in an area. On a main road it is impossible to have a decent conversation with another person as your voice is drowned in the sound of the vehicles. It is also seen that people enjoy honking when, very obviously, there are a large number of vehicles ahead of the driver and that person for sure is aware that it will take some time for the road to clear.

It is a shame to see people behave so impatiently. Number of health problems arise due to this excessive and needless use of the horn. Noise affects the health of an individual. People on the street look so irritated and annoyed. It is difficult to spot a face which shows a little pleasantness or portrays a peaceful emotion.
People need to be aware that it is the duty of every individual to respect the life of another and not be the reason for a health problem or a splitting headache. Since we are aware that there is a lot of traffic these days we should rather start for our respective destinations a little ahead of time. It is better to be a reason for people to smile than be annoyed.