Honor of Woman with Substance
Deepak Gaur | 29 Nov 2013

‘Honor of Woman with Substance’ is an event that honours and recognises some of the most exceptional women achievers. Event is to select Best of the talent which will further go Best of the Best System ..... i.e. ‘Honor for Excellence- 2013 & this will aId magical concept of ‘gift a tree’.

Program was managed by ‘Mediavision Infotainment Co. & is 8th since IWD -2009 .  Entire Ceremony is anchored by Founder & Chairperson of ‘GIFT A Tree Network’  himself i.e. by Mr. Deepak Gaur b’cose He is the only person in this ceremony who is connected to every single personality present here & also he has invented this concept of ‘Women Excellence’ too with ‘Gift Tree-Gift Life’

 Woman-with-Substance-III was held on 16th Nov, 2013 at Panasonic Experience Centre, Gurgaon. There were several guests who graced this event. Including Her Excellency Dr Janice Darbari ( Counsil General of Montenegro to India ) , Mr Nalin Singh ( Bollywood Actor from Gandhi to Hitler Fame ) , Tarot Expert Dr. Seema Midha ( Renowned Tarot Card Reader & Author )., Miss Savita Kainth ( Renowned Tree Lady ) along with others .....In this event carefully chosen woman is honoured and presented with the awarded with ‘Woman with Substance’.Recognition is given to a woman who has played a significant role in uplifting the role of women

·         Eroding stereotypes and breaking down barriers for the creation of opportunities for the participation of women in key strategic areas of business

·         Mentoring young women in professional careers in business towards leadership roles

·         Participated in society by contributing towards social upliftment in communities which they come from.

·         Paving way for other women to participate in key areas of business

·         In addition these women possess leadership qualities and have played a key role in championing the empowerment of women in general in different sectors of business

During the Function 5 Ladies were identified & crowned as ‘Princess’ & they were Dr. Ridwana Sanam  ( MD of KRV Healthcare Ltd ) , Ms. Ashma Khanaa Sachdeva ( MD of Anamy Wellness Ltd ) , Ms Poonam Tomar ( Athlete of World Fame ) Ms Shivani Agarwal ( Creative Head of Pragya & Mahuaa TV ) , Ms Gopika Dhupar ( Rewound Make-up Artist of Bollywood Fame ) . These ladies were also involve in various social activities as their CSR or Interests.

Then ladies Honored for ‘Woman with Substance’ were Prof. Ekta Chauhan ( Proffesor of Soft Skills in IBS Gurgaon , Ms. Nidhi Nadhani ( Personaly Developer & Mentor ) Ms. Gunjan Bhardwaj ( Entrepreneur – Investor & Builder ) & Ms. Shivani Agarwal . These were addition to 27 Ladies who were identified & Honored with substance tag in earlier two events i.e. 18.05.2013 & 14.09.2013 in Delhi. Last of the series of ‘WOS’ will be held on 30.11.2013 & in Gurgaon only .  & ‘Honor for Excellence’ will be on 28.12.2013 in New Delhi  after screening & selection of all ‘WOS’ by Jury Members. We invite ladies to participate & showcase their talent to this world.

A woman with substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. To be branded a woman of substance is one of the greatest compliments one can give a woman that wants to be an “influential” female. Gift a tree Network is promoting and motivating this cause. Respect Nature of TREE & WOMAN as God’s Gift to life as they both give birth to life & sustain it by giving love, protection & habitat to live or breath. At the End , Both Founders Deepak & Savita gifted Tree to every Woman present ( as return Gift ) . ‘Gift a Tree Network’ grown to 2819 & target is 1 Billion by 31st Dec. , 2013