Hooda did what Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi could not dared
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 21 Jul 2014

Sometimes circumstances make a politician desperate and bold. This seems to be applying to Haryana Chief Minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Dealing with Sikhs is holy cow for politicians cutting across party lines from which even iron lady former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi shrankled from taking direct action and ultimately when she acted, she had to pay a heavy price.

But now when Hooda, who is finding that his power is slipping away, had taken bold steps to confront Sikhs and even mighty Narender Modi-led Union Govt. on issue of formation of separate Haryana Gurudwara Parbhandak Committee.

Now Akalis are threatening Hooda reminding him the fate of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.Hooda,s security has been strengthened after the threats. Hitherto known as a weak politician running the Govt. at mercy of bureaucracy, Hoodahas emerged strongest leader in Congress party who had dared to tame the Akalis.S.G.P.C affairs is such sensitive issue that when  then Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh tried to interfere in S.G.P.C elections process he was reprimanded by Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi. Highly placed sources told that Sonia Gandhi was got agreed for supporting the move by Hooda that any hostile Govt, in Haryana will open Robert Vadhera land deal cases also.

At that time S.G.P.C members owing allegiance to Parkash Singh Badal had to take shelter in Tejakhera farmhouse of then Haryana Chief Minister, Om Parkash Chotala family friend of Badal to escape from persecution by Punjab Police..They were escorted safe to Delhi by then Sirsa S.P., Attar Singh Ahlawat and from there taken straight to Amritsar for polling in a charted plane.Badal had even thanked Ahlawat for his support who was acting on directions of Chotala. Winning ensuing assembly polls is question of life and death for Hooda as he fears that any hostile Govt. may institute number of enquirers in various land deals specially change of land use cases.So he is depending on Jats and Jat Sikhs and as well as division of non Jat votes.

Hooda feels that non Jat votes will be split ed by Gopal Kanda and one time Hooda,s blue eyed friend Vinod Sharma and with support of Jats and Sikhs he can convert his dream of coming to power third time in reality.To win over Jats, he had got them reservation in Jobs in Harayana and virtually forced the Manmohan Singh Govt. for reservation in central services also. With constitution of separate H.S.G.P.C , Hooda is eying on eight percent Sikh votes.However political analysts say that Hooda,s clever move may boomrang  on him as a sizable section of Sikhs in Haryana accuses,Hooda of dividing them for his narrow political considerations.

They even question even the timing adding that had he been sincere why he did not made it earlier in a routine manner. Both Hooda and his cabinet colleague  and chief anchor Randeep Surjewala has described the Union Govt,s action asking Haryana Chief Secretary for conveying to Governor for rejecting the assent to bill for separate S.H.G.P.C as attack on power of legislature and federal structure of the country, the allegations which hitherto opposition parties were used to made against the Congress Govt.The issue is turning to be a major law and order problem in Haryana as a large number of armed Akalis are camping in the State to prevent taking over of control of Gurudwaras from S.G.P.C.

It has also exposed the nexus of Badals and Chotalas who are complimentary to each other.Recalled that then Chief Minister, Devilal had gifted a plot to Badals for running a Hotel in Gurgaon at throwaway price.