How a small needle is useful for larger purposes
Placida Dsouza | 23 Jun 2016

In our homes we have so many things which are multipurpose use and which are used on daily basis, day to day. Among all of these one more important things which is not used daily but is used for very important task whenever required. This material is non other then a "NEEDLE".

Needle is usual used for mending broken or torn things in our daily course of life. But if we thing of the use of needle from a bigger and larger point of view, our thoughts will keep on multiplying the uses of needle. Let start from our home, the use of needle is made to stitch the torn clothes, to tightened the loose button of the shirt, torn bedsits, pillow covers, kids uniform, some cloth pictures etc, the list is unending if we mention so. After stitching there is a different or may be a new look to the object used on. This is the use of needle in our household area.

Looking at its uses on other level, in the flower markets, we see the hip of flowers over flowing but the man around it picks up each flower and pierce I through the needle forming it into a beautiful garland again which is used for various venues – i.e. for temples, for goddess, for the frames in our homes, for wedding mandaps, for ceremonies like pujas, baptisms in hindus etc (the list goes long). But if we think about the difference of loose flowers and a garland, its all the magic of the needle which had gone through each flower to bind it as a beautiful garlands starting from small to big and very big.

Another level when needles are used on a larger scale is in our fashion design field. Those beautiful gowns which the models wear and the various kinds of dress stitched of different shapes, sizes and patterns are all possible because of the so called "needle" because needle is the only joining weapon. From a small model to a big one, they all wear clothes that are stitched and stitching is only done through a tiny object called 'needle.

All men and women wear clothes, we say clothes are stitched by tailors but the truth is that a small needle is the greatest weapon of a tailor to execute his talent and ability to stitched the required pattern and sizes of the clothes asked for. The readymade for kids with so many stitched pattern which really looks tempting and beautiful. The tiny tots and their various tempting pattern are all the turns of the use of a small metal that is called "NEEDLE"